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February 20, 2009


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Obot 1024

New NH rep joining the Orly case apparently does not believe in the 5th amendment while advocating a return to Jeffersonian principles.

"Dear Ms. Carter,

Thanks for your kind words of support. It has become clear that the Congress is derelict in duty (not reading the porkulus bill), the federal government ignores the Constitution, and the President acquiesces to it all. The Supreme Court, in refusing to have the President prove his qualifications for office through his citizenship, is doing a great disservice to this country. If there is ANY question to the status of the person holding the highest office in the land, it must be throughly reviewed, not swept under the rug. Why would Obama be so resistant to providing all records if he has nothing to hide? Silence and lawyer threats are tantamount to a tacit admission of guilt.

Please also read NH HCR6: Affirming States Rights Based on Jeffersonian Principles ... R0006.html

I am a co-sponsor. This measure seeks to place the federal government within its original Constitutional bounds. With the push toward socialism, and the ignorance of the courts, we need this now more than ever.

In Liberty,

Rep. Tim Comerford

New Hampshire House of Representatives

Rockingham District 9 (Epping/Fremont)"


Birthers may hate Obama, but the usurper's popularity in Cananda was helpful in recent talks plus over 20 countries have offered to help US in Afghanistan, not bad for Obama's first 30 days, not bad for a usurper!

Obot 1024

Adam has now joined the victim list of the harassment campaign from the birthers.

Ed Hale posted some of Adam's email exchange with Ritze including Adam's email address.

He then writes.

"We are hurting teh OBOTs and now they are starting with their lies

Everyone please lock down this email box with 1000's of email telling this OBOT where he can go. We have millions behind Dr Mike also. Dr Mike has took on the ledership roll to stop this stupid O and his OBOTs and now they know that he is leading the charge and will cross the finsih line ahead of them."

Following there is a post with Adam's address, phone number, relatives and a photo.

Maybe Adam should talk to JD Georgetown


So I went a dug out my hospital birth certificate (which isn't a legal document, btw), and it only has the signature of the attending physician, and doesn't list witnesses or the nurse, or any of the other nonsense that the birthers demand. My long form COLB (which is the legal document) only lists the hospital I was born at and information on my parents. The short form from my state LA. lists even less. I seriously question what these people expect.

It is my feeling that if given the information about the attending then they would use it to harass him or her; and then simply claim it was a conspiracy.

Nevertheless I am sure birthers would claim my certificate is fake or not legal....wait, oh yeah they already have just from my description.


State's Rights = George Wallace Redux. Anyone remember him?

As I sit here and watch the Republican (?) party eat itself alive throughout the country, I am heartened that we DO NOT live in a country that demands I believe as they believe. We are NOT a theocracy, folks, and our founding fathers were VERY clear about that. We see what happened with the Taliban.


"Maybe Adam should talk to JD Georgetown"

Adam -- send an email, prefereably to my office email addy. I will be heading to Atlanta this weekend for hearings on Mon and Tuesday, but we can set up a time to talk. I can explain the legal stuff that you should be considering.



Anyone watching Countdown? Olbermann's 1st story was Obama conspiracy theories, including the Birth Certificate.

No Orly, but Alan Keyes made an appearance.

The consensus was that desperate pathetic crazy people are only suitable for ridicule. As long as they don't descend into actual violence.



Please forgive my curiosity and inexperience with Internet forums, but what is the purpose of this site? I haven’t quite established whether the term troll means some sort of spy or just someone with an opposing viewpoint (?) nor what a PUMA or anti-Puma means, but the negative vent here is clear enough, and astoundingly silly.

The address of this web site implies some positive aspect of democracy, but one finds nothing close to positive or educated debate: its just filled with hate and its only endless focus seems to be belittling those on other sites or any who disagree or even question a mandated conclusion of the tread. The discussion appears to have long ago reached the conclusion that BO is a NBC. Ironically it is appears to be derived from a living interpretation of the Constitution yet defended as current and undisputable fact with Originalist theory. Whoops. At any rate, does not the posture of this site contradict the concept of democracy? Individual thinking is one of the greatest strengths of an open democracy, but unfortunately its not embraced by Yes to Democracy.

I think I know understand how both sides of the debate can reach opposite conclusions, conceding that most of the Birthers claims are false, unfounded and some downright absurd, but that is to be expected given the amount of albeit irrelevant information left to conjecture. I’ve attempted to allude here that the issue could be diffused and resolved, legally and without chaos, and without anyone losing their job, but no one seemed interested in reaching resolution, just in continuing the pissing contest.

So I get it, you all feel that the Birther crowd is tantamount to deluded Elvis fans that refuse to believe that the King is dead. So by juxtaposition, this site, while widely amusing, is the equivalent of Elvis impersonators with indignant regard for those unwilling to mourn their leader. But surely you realize that maintaining this site just lends credence to your opponent’s arguments, highlights the reservations of your conviction, and exposes your underlying fear.

Alternatively, perhaps this site is simply a diversion intended to lead to the backwater of Internet effluent as entertainment, the metaphorical exercise of holding the Presidential johnson. Surely the President is capable of holding his own, at least for this private task, and lets all hope for all public tasks.

While up to a point you are to be commended for defending the President, and its always good to hear people express their views, one would think its high time to move on into developing constructive ideas, of which there are many that need to be addressed on the tough journey ahead. Your King thanks you for your service, but its time to wash your hands and get back to work on something meaningful.


woodchuck, thank you for your comments, now be a good little boy and say goodbye


Okay,I try it your way; have fun stirring your turds rich, I realize its easier than using your brain. Something tells me you were still crapping your diapers during the 60's, or haven't lived long enough to develop a brain.


WoodChuck -- Was there a point to all those words you just typed?

Since you don't know what a forum is or what this site is about, I strongly encourage you not to lecture the people who actually do.

Take some time and read up on the Internet. It's a wonderful tool, and you can do all kinds of keen things on it once you learn how your browser works and how to use a search engine.

Stop by again after you get off AOL.


I could wile away the hours
Conferrin' with the flowers
Consultin' with the rain
And my head I'd be scratchin'
While my thoughts were busy hatchin'
If I only had a brain
Wizard of Oz


yes- I asked a question in my first sentence. I've looked at some other sites, and they usually have some information and explanation of what their about. I click the button labeled "main" at the top of the page, but it just reloads this page. Maybe something is wrong with my friends computer. I'll ask him when he gets back next week. What does AOL stand for? Is it like the Crusty tool?


Woodchuck’s disjointed comments sound a lot like Keyes, hey Alan is that you?

A song for woodchuck: (tune of Puff Magic Dragon)
Dear Mr. Babble, babble all you want, it makes no sense and we don’t know what you even want. Puff the magic dragon, he babbled too, but unlike you he made lot of sense. So babble other places where babbleze makes sense, it doesn’t here, don’t waste your time, it’s babble free you see!.

you didn't come here to ask question, but to babble about both sides when only one is valid. That is a standard wingnut feign. re you from WND?


WoodChuck -- If you're new to the Web, you'll find a useful tutorial at



You said with eloquence, what I've attempted to say a few times. So many better ways to spend one's time. :) It's like standing in a mad dog kennel here. This website has changed it's focus and format in the past. Let's hope it does so again. I'm burnt out on the topic. You don't even need to know precisely what this site is focused on in order to see the obvious fact that it's counter-intuitive to it's name and is simply a place for dogs to bark.

I'm going to go wash my hands as you had suggested. I'll be around, not everyday but every week or two unless the format/focus changes.


WoodDuck wrote:

I haven’t quite established whether the term troll means some sort of spy or just someone with an opposing viewpoint (?)

Having been participating on online forums for over 25 years (online forums were around before the Internet), "troll" had traditionally meant someone who said rather outlandish things for the sole purpose of trying to get a rise out of others in the forum.

In other words, a troll is just there to fuck with people, and not engage in any sort of sincere discussion.

However the term has come to be used as an ad hominem attack hurled at anyone who doesn't agree with them.

The discussion appears to have long ago reached the conclusion that BO is a NBC. Ironically it is appears to be derived from a living interpretation of the Constitution yet defended as current and undisputable fact with Originalist theory. Whoops.

I don't see that it's been defined as any sort of "living interpretation."

Would you care to clarify what exactly you mean by this?




Back in the BBS days? I am just asking, because it is interesting to me; and in some ways it is hard to conceptualize a time in which one would have to dial into a BBS to make comments. I love studing old computer systems and stuff, and was wondering what kind of hard ware existed when the first use of the term troll came about.


hey StrangeAppar8us, you owe me a new keybord, I went to that timecube site and the spilled coffee destroyed my keyboard I laughed so hard. It's a Birther's dream site. yes woodchuck would fit in well.

I watched that Olbermn show with Keyes, their main point was that Keys view is so out of wack about all you can do is make fun of him. I was in Chicago when he ran against Obama, Keyes was a laughing stock then as well as now.

want to hear another funny one "You said with eloquence" statement was made about woodchunk, big laugh there! Babble is eloquence, who would have known.


"what kind of hard ware existed"
in order of poularity
TRS 80 (radio shack)
PET (commodore)

was a great way to share ideas, in my case that's how I learned to program in C, my medical school friend used it to share research with UCLA med center
early keyboards typed in uppercase only (now we call that shouting)

I wrote a billing program back then that used Julian Dates (which can add or subtract dates for aging) which meant the Y2K issue was phony. Later dBase became popular which stored date as a string "19361001" which was converted to Julian or to calendar as required. That's going back some! BBS phone bills got too high at my house.

Adam Cox

Adam here. Looks like they found me. Although WHO's address is that? They think the world is so small only must be one Adam Cox in Tennessee? I guess they put up another random victim in their attack.

I apparently ruffled some feathers with a couple emails I sent Mike -- the following is the contents:

from to Mike Ritze:
"We're just telling you the truth - You've weaseled your way into a legal battle you simple cannot win. You scumbags are the ones trying to intimidate and harass, posting peoples private info on your websites .. We are going to LOVE seeing the reaction of your constituents when they find out you were involved with this unethical behavior. I promise you, Mike, When election time comes around again for you - Your opponent will be equipped with some VERY incriminating evidence against you."
and also, my 2nd email: (add on)
"There is already a vigorous campaign to expose you for the fraud that you are to your
constituents. You will never hold political office again --You'll be going down like Orly, who is about to have her Law License revoked."

I realize it's a bit more hard liner than might be condoned here but so hardlined as to be considered a THREAT? LMFAO! Birtho whackos have sent me e-mail responses saying they've forwarded my E-mail to Ritze to the FBI because they consider it a PHYSICAL threat to an elected official. WOW these people are insane. I'll gladly post their pathetic responses , just tell me where.

BTW birthers who wanna track me down and do harm upon me: I also strongly agree with the 2nd Ammendment. Bring it on at your own peril!

Adam Cox

To GeorgetownJD:

If you don't mind, send me an e-mail at ...
I'll gladly provide you any info you request.

John Dean

Wow, I had Time Cube bookmarked 4 years ago. It's gotten much worse.



I emailed that Mike Ritze as follows:(no threats)

Congratulations on joining Orly Taitz on her quest
here is link to Supreme Court Docket on her last case

that's all I sent!
that link is to the "Denied" Taiz case on Supreme Court site, he may not like "Denied" but may get the hint


"Adam here. Looks like they found me. Although WHO's address is that? They think the world is so small only must be one Adam Cox in Tennessee? I guess they put up another random victim in their attack."

wow, they got the wrong address, what does that other Cox think of all this, Orly and her Fans are complete Idiots, that may look nice in court!

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