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August 31, 2009


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Andrew A. Gill

Just a quick note--apparently, Kenya has a higher circumcision rate than the US (see ), so if Obama is uncircumcised, it makes it less likely that he was born in Kenya.

As if that were possible.


Since it is now known that Obama was born in Kapiolani hospital, that should drive the final nail into Larry Sinclair's lies. Not that facts will make any difference to the deranged haters, they just recycle the same tiresome lies, ad nauseam regardless of debunking.

James King

Long time reader of the blog for the craziness that was PUMA and the derangement that is birtherism. Male circumcision is common in Islam, which makes Sinclair's test even more worthless. Obviously, he's never been caught out on such an obvious error before...

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