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October 22, 2009


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Mrs. Polly

"Still, Dr. Orly has to figure out how to claim Lucas Smith is lying EXCEPT about FKBC2....."
A paradox, it is!

Favorite construction from the affadavit: "Orly's rejections and demands for edits and changes to Mr. Lincoln's work appear to be an enigma, of sorts. "
That's so far, but there's sure to be more.

And now, our eyes swivel to Orly's side of the net..... Orly, anything you would like to say?


Ahhhh! Make it stop, please! There are about 5 words I never want to associate with Dr. Orly, esq and they are all in that article.

Shreiking Wombat

Please somebody. Kill me now.


What a fracking soap opera this has turned into. Where is her husband in all of this?

Virtual Denizen
"Sex Lead Me To Communism"

The lure of easy women almost made me a spy and traitor to my country


Good God! That's almost as disturbing as Smith constantly ending sentences with prepositions!

Virtual Denizen
Israeli Sexpionage

Is Orly a sexpionage agent???


Yeah, I too wonder how Orly's husband & family are dealing with all of this. I can't imagine that the husband wouldn't become aware of what Lucas Smith is claiming, particularly now that it is all over the internet.

I can only imagine what the judge reading this is thinking...

Patrick McKinnion

John, Shreiking Wombat, and G - Can you imagine if CEL3 has "performance problems"??

She would be screaming, "Let me finish!!! Let me finish!!!" at him!

John D

Patrick, is there any evidence that Lucas actually filed his latest attempt for fame, or did he just create it for his fan club of nutcases?

John Dean

That last post was mine, having problems posting with my usual sign in.


Patrick said: "John, Shreiking Wombat, and G - Can you imagine if CEL3 has "performance problems"?? She would be screaming, 'Let me finish!!! Let me finish!!!' at him!"

...Oh man, Patrick! Geez...that's funny, but shame on you for the visual you're trying to put into my head! ;) I'm torn between ROTFL and just ROLF (that's another sound for barfing).

To John Dean: So far, from what I've heard, it has been hard to confirm whether Lucas actually filed that with the courts or not.


Quick!!! Grab the super strength brain bleach.

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