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February 10, 2010


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Love this site, just wish it was updated daily.


Thanks as always, Patrick.

I think the whole birther thing is going to be one of the key issues that prevents the Tea Party folks from ever truly becoming a "broader" movement and will probably help lead to their eventual undoing.

Orly and her fellow birther leader clowns have become nothing but soap opera parody now. They have neutered themselves

The whole Fantasy Grand Jury / Rev Manning thing just floors me - like these fools could even make themselves look more foolish going after Columbia, when the proof and evidence of Obama's time there is so easy to find!

All I can guess is that they must want to take the EPIC FAIL title away from the PUMA kitties. LOL!


"I don't know what "investigators" Manning used, but it's curious that I was able to find a lot of information to disprove this claim quickly"

to paraphrase sinclair lewis: it is difficult to get a man to investigate something when his meal ticket depends upon his not investigating it ...

Patrick McKinnion

Milspec - That's an interesting question - should I continue with the every few days readers digest condensed version, or go to day by day updates.

The problem is that Oh My Goodness does a good job at the day by day updates. Still, let me think on it. Anyone have any preferences on this subject?


Patrick - I'd like a daily update, but you don't want to just echo Oh, For Goodness Sake. I think what you do is great, and I'll still read you however often you decide to update.

Virtual Denizen

I don't think you have to worry about your frequency competing or infringing on Oh For Goodness Sake. That blog reads with the flavor of a novel and yours reads with the flavor of a political cartoon.

I would still read both.


Patrick - I read both and try to check both daily.

I like the format of your compilations and don't want to see them go away, but I'm definitely open to having more frequent "mini-updates, provided it meets your time schedule to do so.

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