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March 22, 2010


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Saint James

"Plaintiff has suffered severe mental anguish and distress and financial damages as a result directly attributable to the Plaintiff’s conduct and actions.".....This is priceless HA HA HA HA...I can't stop laughing...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska got an infinity amount of dollars de facto bribe to sign the Senate version of such bill

Boy. That's some bribe. I wonder if he got it all in a lump sum or if he gets annual payments until ... uhh ... infinity?


Thanks as always for the updates Patrick. So, in summary, we've got more comical craziness of Orly as she sinks further into the depths of utter madness, a few meandering birther lawsuits and all sorts of grand delusions fantasy jury silliness. Lions and tigers and birthers, oh my! LOL!

Saint James

It's amazing how words evolve from pork barrel to earmark to sweetener to bribery. Poor Orly, she seems not to know that both the democrats and republicans avail of pork barrels.

Saint James

Hello everyone! Check this out at youtube where Orly claimed that there were 25,000 bikers in attendance at the Bike Week Freedom Rally in Daytona Beach, Florida last February 27,2010. I yet have to see a picture of this massive assembly of bikers. Is this another one of Orly's pathological lying?


Someone actually used the phrase "Evil Henchmen" in a non-ironic way? Wow, that's some strong Birther Juice he's been drinking.


If they can walk upright "AND" fling poo at the same time then they are a dangerous bunch indeed!


""Plaintiff has suffered severe mental anguish and distress and financial damages as a result directly attributable to the Plaintiff’s conduct and actions."

It would set a nice precedent for actions against the previous administration...certainly it caused plenty of anguish, distress and financial damage to this country.

Obot 1024

The passport thing was a big deal to Pamela Gellar.

Of course, the whole "their names are secret?


"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A third former State Department employee was sentenced and fined Wednesday for illegally looking at confidential passport applications, the Department of Justice announced.

Gerald R. Lueders, 65, of Woodbridge, Virginia, pleaded guilty in January to one count of unauthorized computer access, according to a statement from Lanny A. Breuer, the District of Columbia assistant attorney general.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Alan Kay sentenced Lueders to one year of probation and fined him $5,000, the statement said.

The investigation was triggered in March 2008, when the State Department acknowledged the files of senators and presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain had been improperly accessed.

The files contain passport applications, extensive private personal data, and other records with biographical information.

Lueders, who worked at the State Department for more than 30 years, admitted to viewing the passport applications of more than 50 celebrities, actors, politicians, musicians, athletes, family members and others, according to Breuer's statement.

Lueders said he committed the criminal snooping out of "idle curiosity," the statement said.

Two other State Department workers fired over the snooping were previously sentenced.

Dwayne Cross, 41, of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, received a year of probation and an order to perform 100 hours of community service, while former foreign service officer and intelligence analyst Lawrence Yontz was sentenced to one year of probation"

Apparently this has been a problem at State recently.

"WASHINGTON (AP) - A fifth State Department worker has been convicted of snooping into the passport files of famous Americans.
Kevin Young, a 22-year veteran of the State Department from Temple Hills, Md., pleaded guilty Monday to illegally accessing more than 125 confidential passport applications for celebrities, professional athletes and a politician.

An investigation began in March 2008 after officials discovered unauthorized access of the files for then-presidential candidates Barack Obama, John McCain and Hillary Rodham Clinton. The applications contain a photograph and personal information and are protected under federal privacy laws."

Obot 1024

What is this faulty battery argument?

Is it just another made up birther factoid?

The only ones I see claiming that are birthers.

The first Fact Check article on this came in August when Jerome Corsi was flogging his book on Fox.

Obot 1024

"Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska got an infinity amount of dollars de facto bribe"

an infinity amount?

Obot 1024

"is the one who is spreading absolutely despicable defamatory, slanderous statements about Taitz, is the one who is masterminding the hysteria against Taitz, which in turn leads to hate crimes against Taitz and her family."

Debra Bowen is the mastermind?

I thought Obama was.


Orly, I'm confused. You say,

"8. Such bill will subject her to threat of multiple Medical-Dental malpractice legal actions as standard of care will clearly go down."

But, if the standard of care goes down, aren't you more likely to meet this lower standard, thereby perhaps subjecting your patients to more malpractice, but protecting you from malpractice legal actions?

Do I need a Paranoia to English dictionary?


Good round up, Patrick. I have another tip for material:

This guy was soundly spanked over at Millard Fillmore's Bathtub by Ed Darrell, who is always worth reading, even when not stomping on birthers.


"According to the Pest and eFail, William Connerat has a new birther lawsuit." ?????????????? As usual, the sterling legal analysis by that POS publication is --- well, a POS. William Spencer Connerat has not filed a new birther suit. He filed a document in a case that was DISMISSED and CLOSED by the judge last July, on the first day it was heard. I hope the P&E continues to follow the case closely. It'll keep them occupied in a Florida small claims court for a while before they notice that nothing is happening.

Saint James

"PS.. didn’t you just love the lavender dress the witch (Pee-losi) was wearing yesterday"?

Ha ha ha ha...It appears that Bob Campbell is also a haute couture connoisseur! Watch out Bob your slip is showing! LOL!

renaissance costume

She's really going nuts.. With all those crap.. She is!
Yes. family first.. :)

Saint James

LOL! That was hilarious Saint James! The jarring juxtaposition was a perfect illustration of what has been going on in this country for the past few years.

Saint James

G, that video is a perfect campaign ad ha ha ha ha. I'd really want to promote it to hit million viewers. The creator made a perfect edit. I hope RC of the blogtalk radio promotes the video.


Saint James - It is going viral quite well, so you're wish is being fulfilled. I see even a lot of both local & cable news shows have already referenced it and even in some cases, played the whole thing on the air. I've forwarded a link to it to a number of folks already myself.

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