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April 27, 2010


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Wow...what a dose of the crazy! What is with these crazy property-stealing, religion spouting, lock-changing "Sovereign Citizen" nutjobs? Add in Manning & their followers & its time to bring back institutionalizing crazy people for their own good.


Has the world and this country always been this crazy and we just haven't known it because the crazies just recently discovered the internet?

Thanks, Patrick, for consolidating all of the birther news each day. It has to be a tremendous task to undertake.

I just finished visiting the Post & eFail. They're short of contributions to continue to 'report the news'. Perhaps they need to change that to they needs contributions to continue to make up lies. It's hard for me to fathom how people can soak this garbage into their brains to a point where they think it is true.


Dave - interesting to note about the Post & eFail's contribution status...

...with there being only a limited # of birther fools out there to fleece and all the birther con artists all targeting this same group, the well is bound to run dry at some point.

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