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May 26, 2010


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"Wonder if Dr. Orly will now try to appeal it....."

Almost a certainty.


I've noticed that Dr. Orly's web site has been broken/down for most of the day today... maybe she's having a meltdown over this?

I don't think, actually, that we could be that lucky. I'm waiting for her to post some rambling diatribe about "corrupt judges" after this.


"No, let meeee feenish, eeeeevil ObOt LAme Stream Meddya is haxoring my site, siphoning of precious PayPal.

Lawsuit, usurper, evil mooslum, FEMA death camp, Death PAnels, Stalin is my FAcebook friend, need more attention..."

etc etc etc

I believe I have captured the intimate essence of Mad Ole Oliver the Tranny.

Oh, as an aside, before her infested cess pit of a site went down she was boasting of being invited to present at a conference of the International Criminal Court.......oh and please send me money to attend.

What she actually had was a robot email invite to a conference of the International Criminal BAR which is a self funded, legal networking and glad hand circle jerk.

The conference discussions, even better, are all about how the real ICC defends individuals who are being persecuted.......>8-)

Kevin Bellas

From Andy Martin's Bio.

"The First Consumer Advocate in Cyberspace Andy has become the nation's first Consumer Advocate in Cyberspace through his efforts to police the software industry and fight attempts to monopolize computer markets. His computer industry reform proposals have drawn worldwide attention. In 1995, Andy formed the first computer-oriented public interest organization, the Committee to Fight Microsoft (CTFM). The CTFM proposed new statutes to regulate computer industry abuses, led a boycott of Windows 95 and Windows 98 and has been vehemently attacked by Bill Gates and Microsoft Corporation.

Andy's creative legal strategies are largely responsible for the relentless governmental attacks on Microsoft. In 1995, Andy created the concept of energizing state attorney generals to fight Microsoft. He complained to all fifty (50) state attorneys general to take action under their consumer fraud statutes, thereby awakening the sleeping giant of state attorney general litigation. He pressured the Department of Justice to file antitrust charges. He lobbied on Capitol Hill for legislative action. In sum, he personalizes in one man the opposition to Bill Gates. Andy and his supporters continue to monitor the computer industry for abuses.

All I can say his effort must have dropped Wintel PC from 95% of the market to 94%. Good job, Andy!

Funny during all my time of watching the development of the Microsoft Anti-trust effort, I never heard anything about a Andy Martin being involved.


ROTFL! Good summary as usual Patrick.

There is more info on why Orly gave that TV interview for her CA SOS campaign at Dr. Conspiracy's site, which includes both her video and her SOS position statements as well as those of the other candidates. Well worth checking out:

Also wanted to give some feedback to some of the other commenters:

milspec - I agree completely!

Bovril - thanks for the info about Orly's ICC claims.

Kevin Bellas - hilarious! Good find. Yep, just like Orly, Martin suffers from delusions of grandeur, in addition to being completely delusional, period.

Black Lion

Just as an aside regarding Phil and tROSL, the reason that his site had become a ghost town before he left for a personal leave was that he began moderating the site and more often than not defending the likes of Steve Craig and Linda from the Patriots Heart network. Once that occured no "Obama supporters" posted there any longer. So all you had was the same tired posters agreeing with themselves. And the debate, which had set his site apart from the other birther sites was gone. It will be interesting to see if his site will ever recover and allow the freedom of debate.


Black Lion,

You offer an excellent point RE: moderation on my site. I didn't want to admit that moderation killed the debate (I had had moderation enabled for the vast majority of the beginnings of my site without a problem, except stalled comments), but that was apparently a wrong conclusion on my part.

Lesson learned. Now the site's back to an unmoderated (by WordPress) state, where the initial comment from an "unknown" commenter is first moderated and then the rest are typically let go.

It's a tough balance to keep a decent thread going, but I also know that the only way to grow is to discuss issues with those whom one disagrees. Unfortunately, on both sides, not everyone expresses the same good will.

We'll see what happens. I've had a flurry of postings lately as a means of "catching up," but expect that to slow down over time to maybe a few posts a week.



Patrick McKinnion

Phil - Glad to hear that!


Pat, you wrote:

""Rightside Phil" is one of the few birthers that will let birther debunkers post at his site. He does tend to moderate those users a lot more heavily than the birther users though. Would like to see if he plans to be more even handed with the revamp."

While it is true that Phil allows debunkers to post on his forum, the fact is that Phil allows birthers to post virtually any unsubstantiated assertion and erroneous pseudo-law at the same time that he posts snarky, highly critical comments of his own in response to those whose views do not conform to his own. To say that he "tends to" moderate is quite an understatement.

There was a time when I respected Phil, but he has confirmed what we debunkers have long suspected. His disdain for President Obama blinds Phil to publish smears concerning the good Christian family man who was duly elected to lead us for four years.

Phil and his faithful will never be persuaded. Their hatred blinds and deafens them to reasonable argument. The Right Side of Life may be back, but IMO it is best left to go the way of other RWNJ echo chambers.

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