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June 08, 2010


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It sounds like Lacey is reading from Taitz's MTR in Taitz v. Obama; I don't think she's seriously threatening litigation. I think he's using the filing as PR.


Ah, the cocktail hour is once again complete! Thanks Patrick! Lots of laughs in this one.


"Officer" Driscoll? This guy claims he knows military law and he refers to a lieutenant colonel as "Officer" Driscoll?


Great update as always Pat. Hope your move is going well.

Tracy Mohr

FYI, the loophole line was uttered by Stephen Colbert, not Orly. Credit where credit is due and all that.


Just heard early results on the CA Attorney General race...and it's
Damon Dunn - 76%
Orly Taitz - 24%

The Republicans let out there collective breaths. I heard grumbling about the fact that Damon Dunn didn't campaign (since no one does for Secretary of State, especially against a virtual shoe-in incumbent Democrat).

Orly is gonna through a real nutty tommorrow.


That would be "throw a nutty"...hey, it's late here....already tommorrow...

(I need an edit button!)

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