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July 19, 2010


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Regarding your SSN being related to where you are born: Actually, it is tied to where you are living at the time you apply for it. These days, children get a SSN at birth, so it is in fact tied to where they are born. However, before an SSN was required for each dependant on IRS forms, people didn't get one until they started applying for their first job. I was born in California in 55, but I have a Texas SSN, as that's where I was living in high school. I imagine Obama falls into the same demographic.

Of course, all of this is aside from the fact that Obama's SSN has not been released, so that there is no factual evidence that he has a Conneticut SSN. Just that it would prove nothing about his birth even if he did.


Who is Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton? The SOS is Hillary RODHAM Clinton, former First Lady and US Senator.

Also, I think that bringing musk oxen to the WTC site would be a great tourist attraction.


"Who is Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton?"

I never knew this before now, but a quick Google search shows that there's a whole fringey and seemingly anti-Semitic meme of referring to Hillary as 'Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton,' which goes back YEARS.

To wit: :

"Why do I refer to Hillary Clinton as Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, instead of Hillary Rodham Clinton? This is because, like many families of the global elite, they often change their names to hide or disguise their true ethnicity. In the case of the Rodenhurst family, they changed their last name to Rodham to hide their JEWISH heritage. The late, great bulldog researcher Sherman Skolnick had discovered this truth, and it bears repeating. Hillary Clinton is Jewish, and the last name of her family had changed to hide this fact. THIS is why I refer to her by her real familial last name."

Sounds awfully anti-Semitic to me. Plus, it doesn't even seem to be factually accurate;'s genealogy for Hillary provides no support for this 'Rodenhurst' claim, and instead shows that the family name was 'Roddam' well back into the 1700s.


Hillary did have a step-grandfather who was Jewish. Of course, this is not her bloodline, and even if it were, who cares?


WRT every idiot you've written about this time...

Teh Stoopid...

it burns.

Of all these insane people, the RAPmasters seem the most insane.


25% of people polled say they don't believe Obama was born in the US, and about 26% polled (another poll) say they don't know from which country the US won its independence. Which can lead to the conclusion that about one-quarter of the US population is as dumb as a sack of hair.


I'm many of you have your original birth certificate? I know I had mine a while ago, but I can't find it now. I have my kids' originals, but for baseball, passports and the like, I got short form copies and they were fine. I'm just curious as to how many "older" people have their birth certificates tucked away somewhere and haven't misplaced them.


Walter Fitzpatrick's court appearance -- and quite an illustrious audience, all in uniform too -- though not quite the glittery Navy whites, a lot of zebra stripes ...


I have my original Birth Certificate. When I went to get a passport renewed recently, the DHS would NOT accept it. I had to go back to the state I was born in and get a new copy.

Oddly enough, it has less information than the one Obama got from Hawaii (no time of birth) and the DHS accepted it right away. When I asked why I had to get a new certificate from the state of my birth, the DHS guy told me that original birth certificates from the 60's are easily forged. The new ones are far more difficult to forge.

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