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August 16, 2010


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Peter M.

Wow- I feel Orly is in full meltdown mode and we shouldn't look away for the next few days for fear of missing any steps in her ever-taller pyramid of insanity.

I'm amazed that she has lived 50 years (or so) and has somehow never come across a black person who was not a lyin', fraudin', thievin', cheatin', reverse-racist commie Marxist usurper. I wonder why that is?


Wow Patrick, this latest article of yours should have had some sort of warning attached to the title...the ugly, the stooooopid, the nutty peanut butter stuff just went on and on and on...


You'd think that somebody who took what amounts to a three year long online Barbri course would realize the SCOTUS is the end of the line where appeals are concerned in the United States.

Next thing you know she'll appeal it to Rev. Manning.


"great Idea from reader Laura, we need a pig head at the site of the proposed mosque. Who has a pig farm and can ship a pig head to that building?

So how would she feel if someone left a pigs head on the door of her Synagogue? Or a burning cross?"

So a few days ago Orlys supporters (as well as Orly herself as evidenced by her threats of charging the media with hate crimes in the past) suggested Rachel Maddow should be charged with hate crimes (even though Rachel didn't suggest doing anything to hurt Orly, she just voiced her unfavorable opinion of Orly trying to dodge the 20k fee) --- Now the same week Orly is suggesting doing something to cause pain to the people at the mosque - Something completely disgusting and AN ACTUAL HATE CRIME ....

Wow , isn't she such a decent good hearted person, showing everyone how to be a liberty fighter and good christian -sarcasm


Speaking of hate ; The more disgusting threats and venom I see from the Orly Taitz and other far right wingers in this world, the more I start actually beginning to hate them myself. These people are showing the harm hate can do but how can you not hate their type of disgusting fascist behavior in return? Is it wrong for me to hate these people?


Yeah, I think the evidence is fairly clear by now that Orly's bigotry includes religious intolerance against Islam as well as actual racism against blacks.

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