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September 16, 2010


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What really kills me about Dinesh D'Souza is that he has NEVER lived like an average American. Not once. He was born in Goa, went to the most isolated and drunkest of the Ivies*, and wrote for the vilest of college publications, The Dartmouth Review**. He's worked for Policy Review, the Reagan White House, and the Heritage Foundation, and dated such worthies as Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter***.

He now is the President of a college owned and operated by, I kid you not, Campus Crusade for Christ, and presides over twee little "houses" (actually floors of apartment buildings) in New York. The set up is strongly reminiscent of Hogwarts, down to "houses" named for famous people**** and intrahouse competitions. This doesn't prevent him still allegedly living in California with his wife, Dixie (yes, really), while working for a school in New York.

So...what you have is a wealthy man who went to an elite school, has worked at prestigious places, and has never had to struggle a day in his life. He's never had to worry about a thing, and how he has the gall to claim that the PRESIDENT is un-American is right up there with the old saw about angels dancing on the head of a pin.

*Don't believe me? Check out Hanover, New Hampshire sometime. As Gertrude Stein once said, "There's no there there."
**Where he stole the membership list for the campus gay alliance and published all the names. The magazine itself is bankrolled by wealthy reactionaries and is complete and utter trash, with a startlingly vivid and upfront hatred of women, blacks, and any political views that postdate the presidency of Calvin Coolidge.
***Yes, really. He dated two of the meanest, nastiest, most reactionary individuals in America AND LIVED. Props to him for surviving Coulter, but anyone with that sort of taste in women is not normal.
****Among them: C.S. Lewis, Elizabeth I, and Clara Barton. Leaving aside that these people have zip in common, as a Unitarian Universalist I'm both amused and appalled that these morons seem unaware that Barton was a lifelong religious liberal who would have run screaming from their twisted little version of Christianity.


Fascinating additional backgroun info, ellid. Thanks for sharing.

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