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September 17, 2010


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Just got off the phone with a rep from the California Bar Association. They say Orly is a member in good standing and, according to their records, there are NO disciplinary actions noted in her record.

So what can a mere mortal say?


That's all they're going to say until they do what ever they do if they ever do it. They're sure taking their sweet time...


Hungaman: You could have saved yourself the phone call and found that information out on the internet. That just means she hasn't had a final adjudication. Yet. It'll happen eventually. Unfortunately, the RWNJs have bankrupted the State of California with the Propositions process. Things move painfully slowly there.


I agree things mover stupidly slow with the CA Bar.
Orly Taitz is proof positive that the other states in the Union should no longer allow attornies only licensed in CA to practice in their States.


Uncommonsense said:
... Unfortunately, the RWNJs have bankrupted the State of California with the Propositions process. ....

Isn't the Bar Association operated with dues collected from its membership?


"While Dr. Orly's blog is malware central, I doubt they install it themselves. This claim rather undermines her arguments IMHO."

There are couple more bits in her statement that are not accurate. Charles E. Lincoln was not "Deemed a DOMESTIC TERRORIST BY U.S. MARSHALS AND FEDERAL AGENTS". According to CEL's disbarment documents, CEL's "assistant" and Trustee, Peyton Yates Freiman, told US/Canada border agents that CEL was a domestic terrorist, but nothing indicates that he was deemed as such by anyone but PYF.

"I always thought that the claim the the faked birth certificate was provided by Yosef Taitz was interesting."

The claim is interesting, but untrue. Remember, the source is Larry Liar Sinclair. The original creator of the Bomford Kenyan fake is known. And PJ's Foggy tells of having it mailed on a thumbdrive from D.C. to Neil Sankey, who then gave it to Orly.

John A

I am the John Mark Allen they mention in their pleadings, and I unfortunately had a relationship with Lisa Liberi, who in my opinion is a manipulative sociopath.

Let me state that 1) I have never harmed Lisa or my son ever (let her make a public statement, on the record, herself on this matter), 2) I do not care where she lives as long as it is nowhere near me, 3) I do not side with the birthers, 4) I am a successful professional and contribute to society.

I think the point the defendants (Orly & Co.) have is that Lisa is not a citizen of Pennsylvania, where the lawsuit was filed and she is not. She lives in New Mexico. I have unopened letters from Lisa that she sent me when she first moved to New Mexico, and I was never aware of any "safe at home" address. I suspect this was done more to fend off lawsuits from creditors such as American Express (over $115,000), etc.

Another point they are making is that she has been convicted of several counts of forgery and is serving an eight year suspended sentence, which she has and is.

I consider myself a victim of Lisa Liberi, and I am sure she is proud that.

It's true I plead no-contest to a burglary, but I was faced with a hyper-aggressive DA (who later testified against her), and a multi-million dollar lawsuit from Lisa (sound familiar) at a time before they discovered her illegal actions. You may say that by my pleading no contest and successfully defending the law suit, led her to commit the crimes, since she only reaped a few thousand dollars for her efforts. In short, I had to pay for a crime I did not commit.

Unfortunately, Orly has no regard for the promise she made to keep my name out of it all.

My biggest concern is for my son, who has no defense for Lisa's manipulations and lies.

This is the last post I will have. I will not engage in dialog or argumentation from a public that has no idea of the truth, and regard manipulated perception as reality.


>>RE: "I always thought that the claim the the faked birth certificate was provided by Yosef Taitz was interesting."

>>>The claim is interesting, but untrue.


13. I received an email from Charles Edward Lincoln, III with a chain that originated from Yosi Taitz, Dr. Taitz’s husband. This email chain shows Yosi Taitz sent the Kenyan Registration of Birth to Dr. Taitz and then Dr. Taitz forwarded the email to Charles Edward Lincoln, III, see this email attached hereto as EXHIBIT “A”. The document attached to this email chain with the attached Kenyan Registration of Birth, named as “Obama Kenya BC” when the name of the document at the top in the image shows “Certified Copy of Registration of Birth”. Moreover, when I downloaded the file in the email sent from Yosi Taitz to Orly Taitz to Charles Edward Lincoln, III, you click properties and the document shows being created August 1, 2009. It is possible that Yosi Taitz is the person who created and forged this 1964 Republic of Kenya Certified Copy of Registration of Birth in the name of Barack H. Obama. The very document Dr. Taitz wanted me to lie and testify that I procured.


Someone needs to tell Sharon Rondeau that ACORN no longer exists, thanks to Andrew Breitbart's little smear factory.


It appears that (Orly & Co) has been busy this morning. Instead of writing about her being a victim, she is pretending to be John Mark Allen. The same John Mark Allen that had to send his child support payments to a "safe at home" address in California for Lisa Liberi, until she could turn everything over to be handled by DA.
The same John Mark Allen that was under a Court Ordered RESTRAINING ORDER when Sankey and Taitz said that they received a family portrait of Liberi from him. Could go to jail for violation of this Restraining Order. With this RESTRAINING ORDER in effect, how would John Mark Allen know about the finances of the Liberi's ... still sounds like Orly to me.
The same John Mark Allen who is the father of a young man that the Liberi's are desperately trying to put through college. Struggling due to Identity Theft caused by Taitz. You would think that a successful professional that contributes to society would contribute toward his son's education. ALSO, if this is the same John Mark Allen, why don't you send the BACK CHILD SUPPORT to the Liberi's, they could sure use it for your son's education.


For the focused and reasonable, Judge Robreno has already addressed and adjudicated the issue of Diversity. He has ruled that Diversity is not destroyed as long as Liberi does not reside in California or Texas. WHICH SHE DOES NOT. Ostella does not live in Texas or California. Taitz targeted Mr. Phil Berg, and his office in Pennsylvania. According to the law, it does not matter if Liberi lives in Hawaii, as long as she does not live in Texas or California.

Taitz is trying to confuse the issues with her "red herrings". She is trying to arouse the prejudices of her followers in hopes of causing injury to Liberi, Ostella, and their families. She is not raising any issues about proof of the state that Ostella lives in. She wants a drivers license to be able to send someone to Liberi's door.

This maniac is carrying around a picture of Liberi, her husband, and son. She has already threatened the families of Liberi and Ostella. How would you like to be in their shoes? Would you be able to rest well?


Very interesting posts above mine. I learn new stuff everyday.
I just wanted to point out that in an above quote, Orly is demanding Obama produce his social security application. Who on Earth still has their S.S. application? Do you? Anyone? Why would anyone keep it after receiving their card? Not to mention, many people, myself included, apply as children.
Just one more unreasonable request to hold over Obama's head.


Wow, it's popcorn time!

We've got John Mark Allen, who very well may be a victim, and "grandma," who's convinced JAM is Orly.

We really need some IPs to get to the bottom of this.


The birther wars are my favorite part.


Lisa Liberi, et al, vs Orly Taitz, et al is not a "Birther War", it is more of a "FATAL REJECTION".

Berg has met Taitz one time at a public gathering. Ostella and Liberi hav never met Taitz.

Taitz was calling and sending emails to Berg's office in Pennsylvania the end of 2008 or beginning of 2009, wanting Liberi to do her legal work. Berg finally told her to quit calling that he did not want anything to do with her because she was unethical, did illegal things and lied. REJECTION!!!!!!

End of 2008, or beginning of 2009, Taitz wanted Ostella to tell the law enforcement that her website was hacked. Ostella refused because it was a lie. REJECTION!!!! Taitz then posted that Ostella stole her donations, along with other charges.


Wow. Well, the list of Orly's associations shows a fairly obvious and disturbing pattern: lots of criminal convictions and psychological issues going on, often with tendencies towards violence, forgery and fraud. I suspect that many of the birther followers have similar backgrounds.

What a surprise the visits here from those who at least claim to be "John A" and "Grandma" from the case discussed. If these really are the actual people involved posting here, then the only appropriate response I want to give is to say to them is that I'm very sorry that Orly's disgusting tactics have impacted their personal lives in such a shameful way and have forced their personal troubles into a public forum.


Grandma, of course it's a birther civil war. Lisa, Berg and Orly are all birthers. They only hate each other because they're all trying to separate the same small pool of morons from their cash. If Lisa wasn't a fellow birther, Orly wouldn't give a damn about her.
Orly is scum but so is Lisa.

There's an old saying. "If you lay down with dogs you wake up with fleas." Lisa has no-one but herself to blame.
Mind you that doesn't mean that Orly shouldn't be thrown in a prison cell for a couple of years if even part of these allegations are true. Of course that's always the problem with birthers. All they do is lie constantly so even if they do on the odd occassion actually tell the truth no-one believes them. The little birther that cried wolf.


Phil, with the following facts, perhaps you will reconsider your opinion: Mr. Berg met Orly Taitz one time at a public gathering. Liberi and Ostella have NEVER met Taitz. After Taitz copied Mr. Bergs Court filings practically word for word, she started calling and emailing Mr. Berg's office in Pennsylvania. She wanted Liberi to do her legal work. Mr. Berg had heard of Taitz's reputation. He finally told her to stop calling, that he and his staff did not want anything to do with her because she lied, did illegal things and was unethical. This was REJECTION to Taitz. Taitz said that she was taking Berg down and was destroying his paralegal.
Taitz's REVENGE FOR REJECTION. Taitz demanded that Ostella, Taitz's webmaster, lie to police about her website being hacked. Ostella refused. Taitz viewed this as REJECTION. Taitz spread the word that Ostella stole her donations. REVENGE FOR REJECTION.

lIBERI has been working very hard the past two years earning her paralegal certificate, which was awarded this year. She has been working under the supervision of Mr. Berg. Liberi has NEVER been political, but has learned about the workings of the Constitution, and Judicial Law both in the U.S. and other countries. She is still NOT A POLITICAL PERSON. but has great respect for Mr.Berg.

Taitz'a interest in Liberi was strictly to do her legal work for her FREE. As you can see, none of this had anything to do with President Obama and the wording of the Constitution of the U.S. regarding natural born citizen.


Well Grandma, I can respect that you are standing up for a family member and that you are calling Taitz out on her disgusting behavior.

However trying to claim that Liberi and Ostella aren't birthers and the whole case itself isn't an inter-birther catfight / civil war... that's just plain denial and hurts your credibility. Also, I'm fine with you pointing out that that the Lisa's are being harassed and victimized by Taitz here, but to try to portray them as more angelic than they really are is also a bridge to far. They obviously have their own records of bad decisions/actions in their past and have to deal with the consequences of those and live with them.


Ostella and Liberi are volunteer workers. They are not public figures and are not trying to make a name for themselves or vying for attention. They are victims of a narcissistic personality that is an unethical, dishonest, media chasing attorney by the name of Taitz. Ostella enjoys being a web master, and Liberi enjoys paralegal work. Mr. Berg has a law office in Pennsylvania with other clients and active cases. There are many other attorneys active in their own President Obama law suits.

Taitz would attack anyone that she perceives is standing in the way of what she wants whether it is a neighbor, milk man, postman, etc. When this happens, would you call it a birther fight?

Why are you calling this an inter-birther catfight/civil war?


Inter- birther implies together, interwind, affecting each other, apart of each other. Every attorney worked independent, putting forth their ideas and/or arguments, with the exception of Taitz. Taitz plagiarized Mr. Berg's/Liberi's work, along with many other illegal acts.

This case is about Taitz demanding that Ostella lie to law enforcement. When Ostella refused then Taitz accused her of stealing her Donations, and other untrue charges. Taitz announced this to the World. Does this sound like a cat fight/civil war? What would you do? Under the guise of a "concerned citizen about Mr. Berg's finances", Taitz also accused Liberi of stealing, plus posted, emailed, mailed, faxed her SS#, Mother and Father's name, place of birth. She then tried to say that Liberi and Ostella were the same person. WHY? Their first names were Lisa. Then it was one lie after another. Mr. Berg had his donation PAYPAL button set up on his website just like Taitz. Taitz accused Liberi of stealing credit cards. Berg never accepted credit cards, ONLY TAITZ. THIS IS WHAT THE CASE IS ABOUT. The documents are on SCRIBD. Taitz has trampled all over the constitutional rights of these women.



It is simple. Because all of the major players here Berg & Orly and both Lisa's are BIRTHERS. Taitz and Berg would never have had reason to go after each other or their "assistants" if they weren't both involved in pursuing birtherism, which led to disagreements and a pissing match that exploded into these back & forth lawsuits.

You talk about "other laywers" pursuing stuff, like this is some standard event, which is BS. No mainstream lawyers are involved in this birther nonsense. Just these fringe nutty laywers like Berg and Taitz. Berg is also a 9/11 Truther. None of these people are actual "constiutional laywers", although they like to make such unfounded claims constantly.

These are fringe conspiracy folks who happen to have a law degree who have become obsessed in their hatred for Obama. Liberi and Ostella contributed their time to this nonsense because they too are full fledged birthers with an agenda. Not merely because they happen to work for Berg. Therefore, they are just as kooky as he is.

You should stick to real points of how Taitz actions against Liberi and Ostella are reprehensible and often a violation of their personal lives and privacy. Trying to whitewash and paint them as nothing but mere dutiful workers innocently doing their jobs instead of intentional birthers pursuing an agenda, isn't going to fly.


Hi G., I guess we just have to agree to disagree on something. Liberi is not a political person. She has the greatest respect for Mr. Berg, but does not always agree with him.
Liberi and Ostella are "stay at home moms". They volunteer so that they can work when they want, and be available when their family needs them. They are NOT public figures, NOT trying to make a name for themselves, and are NOT vying for attention.

I do not know what Taitz was trying to cover up when she demanded that Ostella lie to police about her website being hacked.


Well "Grandma," just because you repeat it doesn't mean it's true.

Con artists lie, cheat, and deceive...and never admit to their con unless forced to. When con artists cross paths, each will swear to the moon that the other con artist is the bad person.

The pie they share starts to shrink. Not everyone will survive the shrinking pie, and remain a viable con artist. The easiest path to stay in the game is to go after the con artist who is already marked for playing off on that con's failures, the other con hopes to boost his/her image, thus staying in the game.

Some of us have seen this over and over and over, and it always plays out the same. Beckwith denounced API in order to stay in the game. Polarik denounced Tech Dude in order to stay in the game. Lying Lucas and CEL3 denounced Orly in order to stay in the game.

So it is with Berg and Orly.


Hi Sluggo, I am not too sure what you mean by "Stay in the Game", and the "shrinking pie".

All documents that have been filed in Court by Mr. Berg regarding plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Taitz has been backed up by CD's and jump drives of evidence, and notarized affidavits. This is certainly not a game. Taitz has caused serious harm, and is still endangering two families.

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