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November 10, 2010


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Ole' Walt needs a long 'holiday' and I suspect he's going to get it. And I wouldn't be too surprised if some of the people that read the sewage at the Pest & eFail might get one of those holidays as well.

As far as Jerome Corsi and WND - their whole objective is to simply drag the president's name through the mud the entire time he's in office. It is how the RWNJ's operate.

I have written before that I consider myself to be conservative. The problem with conservatives today is that they remind me of the hard line communist party I always read about when I was a child. The right wing wants to tell people how to live while supposedly reducing the size and scope of government. The left wing wants people to live their lives' the way they want to live them and provide proper support to those who can't. If that makes me a liberal, then so be it...


Hi Patrick!

New material for you, courtesy of an insane hydrologist:


Wearing a wedding ring is still optional for men, a half century later. It wasn't common at all for men, especially for the young and poor. Jerome Corsi is, as usual, grasping at whatever nonsense he can to make it look like the President isn't legitimate.

Something that always has puzzled me: what possible difference could it make whether the Obamas were legally married? The President was born in Hawaii to an American citizen.

The Magic M


Now they're going again for the "it mentions the law of nations, so it must be Vattel's book" route. You know, the one that proved to be a dead end when they tried that with the one time the Constitution mentions the law of nations.

Not quite priceless:

Is Orly dreaming or have people really donated already half of the money she's been fined with for contempt of court?

Obot 1024

This is how stupid Jerome Corsi is.

Do an image search of Ronald Reagan. Tell me if you find one in which he is wearing a wedding band.

Do the same for Bush Sr.

Obot 1024

"J. Reed Dixon is part of that corruption, and he interrupted me twice."

I could be wrong but judges have the privilege of interruption don't they?


Wow... I agree that with Fitzpatrick it is no longer a matter of if he snaps and causes harm but when...

The Magic M

Lookie: commentors over at Orly's have invented yet a 4th (!) type of US citizen:

November 13th, 2010 @ 10:53 pm
Even if one wants to argue that the Nat Act of 1790 makes one a natural born citizen This “fact” would NOT necessary make the individual in question a natural born Citizen ‘for Constitutional purposes’"


So according to "tom", we now have, in descending order of weight:

1. Natural born citizen "for Constitutional purposes"
2. Natural born citizen
3. Citizen by/at birth (Wong Kim Ark case)
4. Naturalized citizen

Of course, only #1 supposedly applies. And if by some magic they would acknowledge Obama satisfies #1, they would make up a #0, something like "Natural born citizen for Constitutional purposes who has never lived abroad and never talked to a Muslim" or summin...

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