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December 25, 2010


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Patrick, that's a great original from Verbalobe.

Merry XMAS to everyone, except those without honor.



Verbalobe ftw.


Outstanding, hats off to you both.


Ditto to what SluggoJD said. Merry Christmas to all and Verbalobe's article really does cut to the heart of what is wrong with Birtherism and why it is a sickness and cancer upon this great nation.

The Magic M

> The essence of birthism is a claim that goes directly to the root of law. If we somehow elected an impostor, or a fraud, then the country unravels. Why should Lakin deploy? Why should I stop at a red light?

My thoughts exactly. Like the propaganda over at the Pest & eFail where they claim that not only was it a soldier's right to disobey orders "while we have an illegal CIC", but that it was their *duty* to do so and that any soldier who keeps obeying orders is in fact a criminal.

Two years ago, there was a different word for people who publicly called for our armed forces to lay down their weapons, leave their posts, disobey their superiors. It was "traitor". Today, "birther" becomes more and more synonymous with that.

But it's a psychological phenomenon that predates even Christianity. For millennia, people have broken what they otherwise proclaimed as their sacred rules for what they perceived (or tried to pass of as) a "greater cause".
That's why many "good Christians" who, on one side, claim that the Ten Commandments are the holiest of laws, on the other side have no problem killing (or inciting to kill) people if it serves their purpose or "the will of God", just as if "Thou shalt not kill" somehow had a footnote starting with "unless..." that only they can see.

Similar behaviour is exposed by the birthers who have no problem abandoning everything that the Constitution, "the land of the free" and democracy stand for, yet claim to uphold just that what they are, in fact, about to destroy.
It's like saying "I want world peace" and then adding "and the safest way to achieve that is to kill everyone except me".

If they could only realize that, it would probably lead the majority of them back to sanity.

Gary Miller

And don't forget that birtherism is good for business. Taitz has seen plenty of contributions, and I'm sure Farah's ridiculous videos have kept the cash coming in over at World Nut Daily.


More Darren Huff videos are out. 5 so far. Search PixelPatriot at YouTube to find them.

The interviewer, Carl Swensson, plays Huff like a violin. He knows just how to butter him up so he loses the connect between mouth and brain. Huff comes close to admitting to some serious crimes in some parts.


One tiny correction to The Magic M's post: the actual phrase in Hebrew that's usually translated as "You shall not kill" is more correctly rendered as "You shall not commit murder." Big difference, not that the fanatics either know or care.

The Magic M

Thanks for the info, ellid. :-)


Folks, we've got some strange new postings over at the "I, Lying Lucas Smith" sinkhole - Lucas has been officially declared MIA by the nutty bsteadman1, yet bsteadman1 also assures his vast audience of 5 people, that the fake BC is safe and sound - even though bsteadman1 also lets the vast audience of 5 know that something is very suspicious.

Has "I, Lying Lucas Smith," been captured by the CIA, FBI, NSA, NASA, and the Virgin Mary? Will "I, Lying Lucas Smith" ever be seen or heard from again? Will he become a Metronoma?

I guess we stay tuned.

برادر، لطفا مرا عفو کن.

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