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December 13, 2010


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Obot 1024

The Conservative Monster got his ass "zotted" over at Free Republic.

Zotting is their name for banning a forum member.

When you're too crazy and abrasive for Free Republic where else do you have left to go?


I'm still scratching my head on this one. How can the President of the United States EVER violate the Logan Act?????


Damn, such a passel of crazy today. Tomorrow with Ltc Lakin's court marshal there are "rumors" of the largest gathering of the various flavors of birfers in recent memory. LTC Lakin had better hope they all keep their mouths shut (Oily Titz is there, you know she can't hold herself in ever since the Flapjack Flap).
I wonder how several of them are going to get through the gate at Fort Meade, MD without pissing off the gate folks. Well, you can always not go on the base...


"Disregard the laws and risk growing home gardens", says the poodle-brained one.

LOL! I didn't know that was risky behavior! Since when is home gardening a crime? Oh...maybe she meant home grown pot gardens.... that might explain things....

The Magic M

> I'm still scratching my head on this one. How can the President of the United States EVER violate the Logan Act?????

By birtherstani logic, Obama is not president and is thus violating the Logan Act by acting as if he were president, conferring with foreign governments and suchlike.

Once you've embraced crazy, it all makes sense. ;-)

Donna Keeley

"These are the days of high crimes and misdemeanors."

Yes, but not by the President. The Supreme Court made corporations "citizens", the banks/Wall Street have destroyed this country with their gambling and taken no responsibility, and the incoming Congress wants to roll everything back to the Bush era where many of our current problems started.

The people of this nation have been sold out by lobbyists and corporate interests. But none of that is as important as getting Obama out of the White House.



Patrick - the comment you quoted about Walmart and the Dyke General is about a Dept. Of Homeland Security video made especially to be played inside Walmart stores across the US. In the video, Janet Napolitano asks Walmart shoppers to be alert and contact the authorities if they see any suspicious behaviors in the stores or their parking lots.

DHS must know something about Walmart's customers that we never imagined. Then again, I expect your standard rural, right-wing militia hatriot probably does shop at his local Walmart.

Link to DHS video:

Robert Laity

Obama is a fraud and a traitor:

I love America. I am an ex-navy man. Navy men don't give up the Ship. Obama is headed for the Brig.It is only a matter of time until Obamabots wise up. Perhaps after their rights are GONE.

Patrick McKinnion

Robert Laity - I've seen your posts at the Pest and eFail. You might be surprised to find that I don't moderate posts here, unlike the sites you're used to.

You also might be surprised to know that I love America as well, as the son and brother and uncle of veterans. I have yet to see, in over two years of writing about such things, any credible evidence to support the birther claims about Obama, much less the charges of "fraud and traitor" you so lightly bandy around.

However, you're welcome to plead your case in this forum, free of censorship and the like.


Navy men DO in fact give up the ship if it's sinking and not able to be saved. We ain't idiots...well, MOST of us aren't.

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