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December 14, 2010


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Good timely wrap up of current events, Patrick.


Speaking of Ulsterman, he's now been shown to have completely made up several articles and interviewees. Making his anonymous 'Insider' even less credible.

Gary Carlson

The Lakin story is a sad one, but it's impossible to sympathize when you read this . . .

"MAJ Dobson, the doctor who had to replace LTC Lakin on short notice, testified next. He recounted how two days after arriving in theatre, the unit suffered a mass-casualty attack, with sixteen wounded. He said that he was not, in his opinion, as well-prepared to deal with the attack as he would have been had he had longer to prepare for operations at the FOB."

How on earth did Lakin get this far in the military and be such a stooge to the birthers? Defies explanation.


Does anyone know who Lame Cherry actually is? I picture a man at an institution who posts nightly ramblings before the nurse comes to give him his thorazine and put him in his straitjacket for the night. Of course that could just be me...

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