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January 03, 2011


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So much insanity - so little time. But I enjoy reading about their stupidity. There's just too much to keep up with.


Wow...and so the year starts off with a whole lot of crazy!

So much to comment on....

Well, the Birtheristani going all ape-shit after FOX News and Megyn Kelly is hilarious! Wow, crazy Citizen Wells is so mad, he's about to pop, isn't he? LOL!

Favorite part - "Fixed Boobs". I'll give him that one...Comedic gold, right there!

The "Fenton Borden" commenter on the 1/1/11 P&E story...well, that's so over the top I've got to believe its satire. With how batshit insane most of the birthers are, its hard to tell where real crazy ends and satire begins...but I think that's least I sure hope so.

Yeah, read Dr. Kate's "Patriot Ark" diatribe yesterday. Wow, the crazy is strong over there. The comments quickly devolved into full-blown paranoia endlessly talking about Chem Trails. Somehow, I don't think many of these folks leave their basement all that often...

"True Patriot" at the P&E thinks he's a clever little racist, doesn't he? Mrs. Darth Vader? Seriously? So that's his new code word for uppity darkie, eh? What a piece of work that un-Patriotic loser is.

There are some legitimate questions on whether the letter from Inmate Lakin was actually written by him or not...hard to tell considering the lack of credibility of the source site and the propensity for propaganda from the birther con sites...

Paul Valley, diseased Lame Cherry and the other masturbatory seditionists... what more needs to be said about these contemptible scum?

And finally, CEL3'teaming up with Berg in his lawsuit against Yosef and Orly Taitz that's "Popcorn you can believe in". LMAO!

fuck you

You suck big dicks

Patrick McKinnion

Obvious troll is obvious.


I love troll IPs!


The comment by 'fuck you' is an obvious 'hate crime'. You should do what Orly does. Post the IP and email address used - though I doubt they'd lead to anything worth while.


re: " and up the periscope"

Someone unknowingly describing the sinking of the Birfistany ship ...

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