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January 24, 2011


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"This may be why no one has been successful in locating a record of his birth in Kenya...."
Someone should tell He, Lucas Smith. Seems not all of Birfistan believes in the stuff he's pushing.


I brought an “international birth certificate”.
I got it to make it easier for the person who works on my case, because it is in all languages.

"All languages"? Are those the languages that the newspapers Sarah Palin reads are printed in?


"I suspect the birtherstani are starting to try and recycle old claims again since they have nothing new."

Starting? Patrick, you know better than that. They recycle every long-debunked birther myth over and over and over again. We've only had 2 and a half years of their nonsense and how many times have we heard them come up with some "breaking news" that turns out to be the same zombie bunk nonsense that they failed to push only several months before?


"Abercrombie gets an A for intent, a D for execution, and an F for shooting off his mouth."

Well put! I agree, completely!

The Magic M

> What lawsuit?

Isn't the latest conspiracy dream that they can sue Fogbow/Politijab over this "one of them gave their forum data to the other" issue and thus "discover" who the people behind these sites are?

I've seen this strategy over here as well, with a Wiki denouncing quack medicine and esoteric crap being attacked by people who make a lot of money with quack medicine, and a site refuting the Neonazi "the Reich still exists" fools being attacked by said Neonazis. They also tried to take the site owners to courts on counts of alleged defamation and copyright violation; however since they were too cowardly to take civil action, they kept trying to get the D.A. to prosecute the site owners, of course to no avail.

The birthers very well know that the voices of reason are far and few between, so trying to silence the most prolific of them seems like a good idea. Again, how very communist of them.

> "All languages"? Are those the languages that the newspapers Sarah Palin reads are printed in?

Probably they had it in important languages such as "Hispaniolic" or "Blackadaisical" or "Asianootic". You know, the stuff that birthers think people of non-white races use to speak.

Bob Stanley

Drkate's post from yesterday indicates that she's giving up trying prove anything with a physical birth certificate ("Ain’t gonna happen."). Finally some progress? Sadly, no. Her readers go right back to it in the comments in the same post.

At least Abercrombie forced Boehner and Cantor to state that Obama is an American and they are now viewed as part of The Conspiracy.


>>>>>Yeah, and funny how their reports always differ wildly from the birthers reports, yet then the court transcript comes out, the transcript agrees with the PolitiJab/Fogbow reports.

Now that is not true, Patrick.

chris strunk

I never claimed that there is a birth certificate with Barry Soetoro on it - that is a lie and disinformation.

To the contrary I am not interested in the Birther snipe hunt only that he had been born according to to a British subject Father married to an under aged US Citizen mother where ever is not as important as the fact BHO Jr. is only "Native" - born at best according to BHO own admission and certainly not "Natural" born. See my affidavit at:


Patrick McKinnion

Sorry Mr. Strunk, but under US law, Obama is a Natural Born US citizen due to having been born in the United States. The age of his mother would have only been a concern had be been born outside of the US. And the citizenship of his father doesn't mean anything under US law. For the purposes of US citizenship, dual-citizens at birth are considered to be natural born citizens under US law - foreign citizenship laws do not trump US law in this regard.

Nice try though. So how's your jesuit jihad going?

The Magic M

> the fact BHO Jr. is only "Native" - born

There is no "native born" status that is different from "natural born".

But of course your fringe minority has it right and the rest of the world is either too stupid or part of the Beeg Konspeeracy.

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