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January 10, 2011


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And most of the media is missing the far right wing connection to the Sovereign Citizen movement. Some have gone so far as to paint Loughner as a liberal.

The Magic M

Some disgusting stuff that drkate allows through her Stalinist moderation:

> although the “innocent” girl who was shot was recently elected to her school counsel and was there to learn about politics – brainwashing much?

So it doesn't even take a big stretch for the birthers to brush aside the killing of children because the killer was "righteously fed up with government politics". And I thought they couldn't sink any lower... *barf*

Wow. Just Wow.

Funny how the facebook page of Jared's pops up AFTER the murder; Immediately following the shooting he had no facebook page what-so-ever, just a myspace page.

Now he has two that I know of.

Some people are playing a very dishonest and disgusting game here... Of course the gullible and not so bright people fall for it.

Wow. Just Wow.

Dr. Kate supporters: I pointed out the fact that the Jared Laughner facebook pages were created AFTER the shooting to the blog trying to connect him to Obama. Of course I was kept in moderation. Can you answer how this is not propaganda and dishonest?


The Supreme Court has to no-one's suprise (except probably in the diseased minds of her remaining supporters) Denied Orly's application.


Fuck reminds me of yesterday. And yesterday sucked.

Wow. Just Wow.

"Fuck reminds me of yesterday. And yesterday sucked."

Ever thought about just fucking yourself and leaving everyone else out of it?

Bob Stanley

Have you noticed that "Andy Martin" (I use quotes because that's not his real name) is not feeling the love at postemail?

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