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February 15, 2011


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I've really been enjoying Bill Bowman's posts and the recaps of them here.


What "G" said. Bowman sure gets under the birthers' skin. I suspect that is because (a) he is a terrific writer and (b) they have heretofore thought of the Examiner as "theirs". If Rondeau is stupid enough to sue him, Bowman may just wind up owning the Pest and Efail!


I love when Birfoons swear they are going to sue someone for "Stuff". They always forget that the boring things that go along with it, like facts and.....wait for it.....wait for it....DISCOVERY.

Yep, Shazza, if you try and sue someone for calling you a seditionist, they be the defendant, you haz to prove stuff AND they get to legally trawl through all the nice info about you and yours that is material.

Just who IS John Charlton, just what pay do you get and where does it come from, provide ALL the data from your web site, backups, correspondance etc that can be used to show you and your little band of filth are seditious .

Go on Shazza, Bill has dared you, gonna step up to the plate..?

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