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February 23, 2011


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Greg Brown

To many of us here in Illinois the name Andy Martin, or Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona, has been a synonym for delusion. The man is crazier than a rat in a coffee can.


oy!! they get crazier by the day!!!! lol


Methinks, that messr Martin is crazy like a fox. There is probably 50-100 thousand hate-filled birthers that are willing to throw their SSI, AFDC, and disability checks at any one that can cozen them into thinking that some person has a chance at bringing down the President.

Martin, undoubtedly, has dreams of sugarplums and mega campaign donations that can be discretionally disbursed--a la Christine O'Donnell and Larry Sinclair. Incidentally, Martin will get about as far as Sinclair did with his fake congressional campaign.

When will Ed Hale announce? Probably, as soon as he retrieves Obama's "real" BC from Phil Berg.

The Magic M

Sharon Rondeau however seems to still have the hots for Martin, as any posts asking for his birth certificate do not make it through moderation. ;)

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