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March 11, 2011


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Wow, massive KUDOS to you Patrick!

Not only do you provide your usual fine recap, but also you can be credited in this post with connecting the dots on two big birther stories:

1. "Butterdezillion" is Nellie Ristvedt of Nebraska and actively involved in trying to sway the NE legislators to pass their crazy birther bill.

2. Georgia State Senator Mark Hatfield busted lying to Reality Check Radio (and generally to mainstream media inquiries) and revealing his true full-on birther movitivations directed specifically against Obama in his bill attempts, via ORYR's email...

I tip my hat to you, sir! Well done!


You said: "I think it's safe to say that "Butterdezillion" is Nellie Ristvedt."

Well yeah.... Just open the PDF you linked to, and look under "File...Properties". Who is listed as Author?

Gary Miller

One certainly hopes that the Ristvedt family -- and I believe Nellie's husband is a preacher -- will sit the troubled woman down and have a nice, long chat on a Sunday afternoon, after services, and talk her to her senses.


Nellie herself is a teacher. Which makes me wonder what other not-so-factual things she may be telling her students.

Dr. Conspiracy

Birthers were never very good at math. The United States highway network consists of 4 million miles of roads and streets. Even if they got 100,000 people to do this "pull over to the side of the road" thing, that would be only one vehicle per 40 miles on average. Who would notice?


If birthers were actually able to pull this 'stunt' off (and that is a big IF) to where there were many cars pulled off to the sides of the roads, I would think this would present a hazard to someone that was actually having an emergency. Imagine a car with a blown out tire being unable to pull over to the side of the road because there's a bunch of nutcases taking up all of the safe space?

This should be entertaining if they get any news coverage. My thoughts are that this will turn into another epic fail for them.


Is Butterdezillion perhaps also the Nervous Nellie who was disowned by her daughter and banned from seeing her grandkids?


@Ellid - Butterdezillion's Facebook page shows that she still has children in school. Info she posted in her about was that she is married to a minister and a stay at home mom. She was a school teacher. There are links to all of her kids FB pages since they're her friends.

If you go to the website of the church her husband is minister of, her husband's photo is there. He's not that old so she can't be very old either. At the Fogbow, there was a photo someone posted that was supposedly BZ. I don't think the photo was correct based on the way her children look and her husband looks.


Oh, and BZ has since made her FB page to where it doesn't display much information.

Here's a link to the church her husband ministers. His photo is displayed there.


Missouri Synod. Not a surprise in the slightest :(

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