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March 14, 2011


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Some Other Patrick

The most amazing thing is this. It doesn't matter where Barak Obama was born. It doesn't matter where he grew up as a child. It doesn't matter whether he went to Indonesia, was adopted or not by his stepfather, or even whether he visited Pakistan as a young adult or not.

Barak Obama's mother (i.e. at least one of his parents) was an American citizen. By that alone, and nothing else, makes Barak Obama an American citizen eligible for running and holding the office of President of the United States.

He could have "renounced" his citizenship as a minor, and that wouldn't have mattered because you can't DO THAT as a minor.

Everything else that the birthers spin is just garbage. One American citizen parent and you're a natural born American citizen. End of story.

Also, if both of his parents were from Kenya, Russia, Siberia, or from the make-believe land where Oily Tits is from, the simple fact that he was born in Hawaii makes him an American citizen.

Combine the two, and really there's not much else that a birther can stand on. Obama has lived in the United States for 14 years prior to taking office, so the guy is qualified.

Birthers can quotes books that have no relevance, or places and situations made up and real, and none of it matters. Born of an American Citizen=American Citizen. Born on American Soil=American Citizen.

Here ends some sort of lessony thing. ;)


My sincerest condolences to April Downs. She must have drawn the short straw ...


I sure hope someone has forwarded this post and the p&e's to April Downs


So what happened with that big national day of protest on the thirteenth? Not even a peep....strange....

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