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March 24, 2011


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Lancelot Link

You think you were down the conspiracy rabbit hole before?



"The financial assassination of Scooter Libby by a corrupt Justice Department, Democratic enforcer Patrick Fitzgerald.."

Funny how he was appointed in September 2001 (and then reappointed 4 years later). I wonder who was President then. Oh, yeah, that would be Bush.

P&E, where reaching the journalistic ethics of the old Soviet News Agency TASS, would be a step up.

The Magic M

And more epic failures in logic and the meaning of "evidence" on this - previously unknown - birther site:

So again we have "absence of evidence = evidence of absence". Since there is (allegedly, of course) no record proving Obama was in the US, he must have been in Pakistan.

And some smear thrown in for good measure, alleging that because Pakistan had a "Muslim dictator" at the time, this must have influenced Obama (assuming, arguendo, he actually had lived there).

By their own logic, birthers would have to assume no American can be President anymore, after all they've all been living 3 years under the tyranny of da ebil usurrpurr now... *faceplant*

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