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March 03, 2011


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Decision 2012 just blindsided me...Keyboards aren't cheap!!!

Lancelot Link

Obama visited a memorial that celebrated a victory over British troops?
What, like Independence Hall? How unamerican of him!


Oh Patrick please cut my favorite "nutcase and new age flake Colleen Thomas" a little slack. A great rack will make up for a lot of crazy!


> At day 767 of their first terms, the last six presidents were:

You should exclude GHWB from that list, as those approval ratings would have been polled right in the middle of Desert Storm. And as GWB proved, there's nothing like a war to artificially inflate ones approval rating numbers. I can't remember his approval ratings prior to 9/11, but they were tanking hard.


He (President Obama) had a father who was virulently anti-colonial, hated the British - might have something to do with the President returning the bust of Winston Churchill back to England.

Lies and bullshite - it had been moved to another room. What gullible fools...


I am convinced that Heather Gabriel is a sockpuppet for squeeky. She is a stealth Obot for sure; her mission is to make anti-obots look incredibly stupid and wacko. She succeeds admirably.

Obama haters may cheer stupid shite like this, but, they are already in the choir. Everyone else cannot help but to scratch the heads while exclaiming: "WTF!"


"Our prisons are the home of the lost, the violent, the stupid and those who have a real problem with anger management."

Except the ones in Monroe County, of course, which are full of upstanding Patriots.


And what's at that link?? Conspiracy nutcase and new age flake Colleen Thomas!

- Just think how smart that woman would be if her breasts were brains -


No surprise that Christian fanatics would take the ravings of a Muslim fanatic like Chourdary seriously. They drink from the same craziness fountain.


I went to the White House website to look for the President's visit to this memorial. He was only there one day, Nov. 9, 2010, and no such visit was listed. He did mention the Battle of Surabaya in his speech at the University of Indonesia. This battle took place in November 1945, after the Japanese surrender. British forces were indeed involved along with Dutch forces, fighting against pro-independence Indonesian soldiers.
Which still doesn't explain the sudden outpouring of affection by the Right for colonialism.


- Just think how smart that woman would be if her breasts were brains -
But, imagine if her brains were breasts; she'd be a AAA cup.

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