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March 08, 2011


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Danae is the Freeper who claimed to have obtained a long-form birth certificate from Hawaii last year. She posted it to freerepublic as proof that people can obtain them from the state.

Of course, the copy in question has no state seal, is not on security paper, does not state it is prima facie evidence, and is not signed by the registrar. So while Freepers claim victory, they don't seem to understand that said document (if it really was issued post-2001) would not be valid for identification, while Obama's COLB would be. Her only evidence that said document was issued post-2001 is a receipt she says came with it, that does not say it is for the document she presents.

More amusing to me, she claimed that she was speaking to Okubo, and she was asked whether she wanted an official, stamped/sealed copy, or just a photocopy, and Danae says she said an unofficial one would be fine. That to me is the most ridiculous statement of all. Why would a birther, of all people, say "Oh no I don't need a certificate with a seal" when they at the same time complain Obama's COLB lacks one? (It doesn't, but they say it does).


Dude! You really should warn us before you do that! I like the new look, but it was a bit of a shock..

Greg Brown

Whoa Nellie! Patrick, I second the motion from Slartibartfast. You be messin' with our minds, springing the new look like that, especially since I checked in earlier today for new postings, and got the old format. Nice look though.


I echo Slarti & Greg, Patrick. But kudos on the new site look. ;)


Great new look, Patrick!

Bob Stanley

Orly Taitz a Friend Of Cantor too! The plot thickens.

I studied American politics at college back in the 90's, and have tried to keep up with it ever since. Is there any credibility to the birther movement's claims, or are they off with the fairies?


Roscoeland, the birthers are nuts - or at least intellectually dishonest. Check out the information on the many debunking sites linked to on the right side of the page.


oh, and of course, there is a "Birther Mythbusting" link at the top of this page.

Obot 1024

Just wanted to drop a note and say the new design of the site looks great.

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