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April 13, 2011


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I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't include that Doc C has a YouTube video from a 12 year old girl who wrote to retired SCOTUS Justice Sandra Day O'Connor asking her about the meaning of NBC. Maybe you haven't seen it? O'Connor writes back and explains what NBC means and that Obama is a natural born citizen. That should eventually cause some birthtards to bust a few blood vessels...


Gee Dave, I am a bit disappointed that you took the time to type out the descriptive comment and failed to give us a link.

Obot 1024

From Politico: ALSO: My colleague Kendra Marr reports that WorldNetDaily's birth certificate aficionado Joseph Farah has been on the phone with Donald Trump every day this week.

"We've have been speaking quite a bit,” he said.

Farah is enthused that the mainstream media is finally listening. “"It's irresistible theater, but he's actually winning support,"” he said.

WorldNetDaily first reached out to Trump as soon as he started publicaly talking about the conspiracy, offering to give him a birther primer and answer any questions about the topic. “"His people were very quick to respond,"” he said.

Farah has advised Trump to simply ask, “"Where is the birth certificate?"” The Donald's recent claim that Obama’s grandma in Kenya is on record saying he was born in Kenya is just troublesome, Farah said.

"When you start making assertions and ‘grandma said,’” you start getting yourself in a bind," Farah said. "I'm not sure that's what grandma said. That’s fuzzy."

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