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April 14, 2011


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Bob Stanley

Donald Trump's shtick

A noun, a verb and a reference to race

is already tired.

Peter Beckman

If Hawaii isn't legally a state, then Texas isn't either. Both were annexed by joint resolution of Congress after annexation Treaties failed in the Senate.


Hawaii was important enough to go to war with Japan over and it wasn't even technically a state back! Now....SUDDENLY they want to question if it even is a state......those whacky birthers are too funny!

The Magic M

> So prominent Republican officials must treat the whole stupid conspiracy theory as a personal choice, to be respected.

Just like they did with Creationism. It's really a sad sad state the GOP is in.

When politicians fear their voters so much they don't dare tell them the truth upfront, it goes only downhill from there.

> You know, there are 1,102 sailors within USS Arizona, 54 sailors in USS Utah, and 34,000 veterans that rest in Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery. Why don't you ask them how "American" Hawaii is??

I suppose the *living* Hawaiian veterans and active soldiers would have a thing or two to tell these treasonous birthers as well.


You know, if "Hawaii is not united to America by geography", neither is Alaska. Does that mean that Palin isn't eligible for the presidency either?

Kupuna in Hawaii

All those flag waving patriots used to send us the love every December 7th, but now they want us to reinstate the Hawaiian monarchy? They were all rooting for us when Ben Affleck & Josh Harnett were shooting down Japanese planes, but now those sailors who died in the USS Arizona mean nothing to them?

Patrick McKinnion

Kupuna in Hawaii - We're dealing with people who a) have never set foot off the mainland and b) have a deep seated hatred towards Hawai'i for daring to act like they're just like every other state.

Of course, I remember going to the office at Hickam AFB where my dad worked while stationed there, and seeing the pockmarks on the wall from 7 December 1941. Funny how that sticks in your head.

And I can't see how growing up on Oahu was any different for me than most American kids. I rode my bike, explored, watched saturday morning cartoons and the like. Sure, I watched Checkers and Pogo on weekdays (not to mention episodes of Kikada with subtitles), but still, was that so very different?

I don't think so. But some of these idiots are so filled with hatred towards anything to do with Obama that they're willing to dismiss an entire state because they dared confirm that yes, Obama was born and raised there. Go figure.

Kupuna in Hawaii

"Funny how that sticks in your head." Great point Pat. Until 9/11/01, the civilians in Hawaii were the only Americans who knew what it was like to be under enemy fire.

Like you said, Go figgah, brah.

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