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April 18, 2011


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I always love these birther blogs and "newspapers" like API that claim that some person with amazing and damaging and conclusive evidence is bringing it to THEM exclusively.

Obama was born in Hawaii. But if he wasn't, and you had the absolute and conclusive evidence of such, there are organizations that would pay a ton of money for it. Chances are you wouldn't offer it to African Press International as your first move. But since they're making it up out of whole cloth, why not claim it? The believers will believe no matter how illogical it sounds, and everyone else will ignore it.

Greg Brown

I'm thinking that Trump is doing the Democrats and sane independents a favor, because this high-profile birtherism is smoking out the morons, incipient loons, and cynical manipulators for everyone to see, the people, especially in government, who have been hiding behind their offices and waiting for this to blow over. Now, they have to take a stand, and some of them are taking that walk on the wild side.


....aaaaand Governor Brewer of Arizona has delivered her promised veto, and te birtherstani are already crying foul, and openly wondering if she was either threatened, or bought off.

Or just maybe after discussing it with her Attorney General she realized she didnt want the state paying for all the lawsuits?


"But Davenport does not appear ready to concede she has made a mistake. After this story was published, she sent another email to fellow California conservative activists. It demanded to know the identity of "the coward" who supplied me with a copy of her offensive email."

Damage control much?"
If that's damage control that ship is going to sink, fast.


"• When he moved to Indonesia in 1966, he changed his name, renounced his U.S. citizenship and took up the religion of Islam."

Do these banshees ever stop to think that in 1966 he was FIVE FUCKIN' YEARS OLD?!?


Well, beyond the usual crazy and treasonous talk...there sure seems to be yet another uptick in the violent rhetotic of some of these unhinged folks.

Obama will definitely need to up his Secret Service staff during the 2012 campaign. In 2007/8, very few of these bigots took the idea seriously that he could be elected...and they've been frothing mad ever since.

We should take very seriously the concern that some unhinged bigots are going to try to commit violence or murder in order to prevent his re-election.

On a related note, thanks for the updates & links on the crazy Sovereign Citizen nuts. What the heck is going on in FL??? According to the map, that place is chock full of Sovereign incidents...

I wouldn't be surprised to see another Ruby Ridge or Waco type situation in the next few years either. These people are truly unhinged.

Monkey Boy

Squeeky is trolling for blog hits, as she has been for the past year, since her three sad pages have no readers. She desperately wants to be a "player" on the birther stage, so she shills on various forums that the wackos inhabit. She envisions mining that deposit of crazy that carried Ed Hale, Larry Sinclair, et al for a while. However, methinks, that the lode is nearly tapped out.

Someone should tell her that, since Christine O'Donnell, the Kochsuckers have no interest in financing the rise of another wacko, so her act is being wasted.

Get a job, Squeeky.

The Magic M


I really wonder at what point the judicial system will say "stick with your public defender or, well, good luck on your own".

> "having Muslims in America is akin to having a rattlesnake in a rabbits’ hutch."

Well, lookie at "Racer Jim" in the comments section that Sharon allowed through moderation:

"I still vividly recall participating in Belton’s annual rattlesnake population reduction via shot-gun (lol)"

Isn't inciting/condoning violence against religious groups a crime in the US?

> including an affidavit from a state official in Hawaii

Ah, the Tim Adams babble. Funny how fast a part-time intern who won't name his sources can become "a state official".

Actually, I enjoy watching more and more "conservative" groups go down the rabbit hole. Maybe this will, in the long run, put an end to the credibility of those who are patriots or Christians in name only, once their utter loonyness, bigotry and racism is exposed. It will do the country good, I believe.


I just wonder - what happens if the defendant simply refuses every defender appointed?

I can envision what's happening. One gets appointed, and they recommend that she take the practically zero-penalty plea bargain. She gets pisses, and insists she wants to go to trial, and shows the attorney her Obama screed, FitzPatrick's "evidence", says she wants discovery of the birth certificate, etc. The public defender then points out that none of those things are germane to the charges and wouldn't be allowed, and Cao responds by calling them a Traitor, Treasonous, Coward, and insists that she will not accept them as her attorney.

However, much like birthers in any court, losing over and over, I can't see any public defender agreeing with her and being willing to jump down this futile rabbit hole, so I just wonder how this can end. There will NEVER be one she can accept. She claims every one so far is a treasonous Obama plant.

The Magic M

Maybe throwing a bunch of public defenders out translates to pleading insanity?

The Magic M

> Dr. Orly still seems to think that a Plaintiff can be disqualified by the court.

I'm still perplexed someone with such little knowledge of the law is allowed to practice as an attorney.
In my country, you may only practice law if you've graduated from an official university. Is it really possible in the US to just "buy your degree" from some online "university" and be allowed to call yourself a lawyer?


Magic M:

In almost all states one has to have a degree from an accredited school of law to sit for the bar examination. However, California, where Orly has her license, doesn't have that requirement. She got her "degree" from an online "law school", and in California that's OK (I think they assumed someone without actual legal training wouldn't be able to pass, so why bother). So she took the bar examination and passed.

Joke's on California I guess.


Once again they let Orly run all over them. Sure she sounds crazy, and we know the false assertions she makes, almost by heart.

While CNN did rebut about 3 of her assertions, they let her get about 12 more out completely without objection. So the general public, mostly hearing this for the first time will think there is something to it.

Once again they let the bit about the 2 million legal bill to pass as truth. Also, the birth certificate that you can supposedly get for a foreign born kid, and about 10 others flew by without objection.

Don't kid yourself. Orly won that interview, and she won big.

The Magic M

> So she took the bar examination and passed.

Which then begs the question, assuming the examiners were not all guests of the Dental Chair O'Love, was she still sane back then or does she file these bogus lawsuits on purpose?

June bug

"Preliminary plans are being made to continue the investigative journalism of this website from a safer vantage point abroad and in an environment that provides basic protection for press freedom. Unfortunately, the United States is no longer a safe place for independent journalists."

Hey Pat, maybe Tim Adams can tell Wayne how to get one of those Sovereign passports.


Magic M -- "crazy" and "smart enough to pass a written test" are not mutually exclusive.

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