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April 22, 2011


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In regards to MO's new "birther bill", their language states:

" Such evidence shall be in the form of the most complete record of birth available by the controlling legal authority at the time of the nominee's birth"

Yeah...this is their problem. They came close to being reasonable, but this is still birther bill nonsense that still seems to violate FFAC.

MO can't dictate to other states requirements that those states release prior original form documents instead of whatever is the current state-accepted and released form.

If they would re-word their bill to instead say:

"Such evidence shall be in the form of the most complete record of birth CURRENTLY available by the controlling legal authority OF THAT STATE"

...then they would probably be fine.

However, as it is currently worded, it imposes unreasonable and unrealistic requirements on other states.


An interesting observation, in regards to the investigation of the attempted Mall Bombing near Columbine on the 12th anniversary of that tragedy:

They just released some bus photos of the suspect, which I saw on CNN.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the photos is that the old guy suspect seemed to look quite a bit like crazy Walt Fitzpatrick...


Actually, the 25% recall requirement applies to the entirety of all votes cast in the previous election, not just those who voted for Brewer. (Otherwise, for example, the opposing candidate could immediately launch a recall using their supporters' signatures.)

There were 1,726,077 votes cast for governor in the last election, so good ole Dr. Taitz would need 431,519 signatures to recall Brewer.

(My favorite fake signature is "Truck Nutz" who commented "Big Sale On Truck Nutz". Oh Wonkette.)


Here's a link to one of those bus photos of the Colorodo Mall Bomb suspect:



When I saw the photos on Rachel Maddow's show, I thought the same thing -- that guy looks a lot like Walter Fitzpatrick!


Wow G,

That suspect really does look like Fitzpatrick. Spooky.


I hope someone has passed on the fact that Fitzpatrick looks like that guy in the photo to the FBI. If for no other reason than to mess with the nut.


Off topic, but a hilarious (although true) comment at Wonkette:

Thank you. This reinforces my bias that Tea Baggers are a bunch of lifelong losers who are totally gobsmacked at the notion that someone else may have bilked more from the government than they have.

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