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April 11, 2011


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Bob Stanley

because Mr. Trump took a call from Newsmax during the meeting'

"Mr. Trump, there's an important phone call from . . . NEWSMAX."

"Excuse me while I take a call from . . . NEWSMAX."

He's playing the Wingnuts.

And to Birthers,
Show me an example of an archives that releases originals.


"I suspect what caused her to drop her bid was more she was too crazy even for Oklahoma."

Oh my that's some serious crazy!

Greg Brown

A long, but great post. If we could find a way to run a motor on the crazy emanating from these people, America's energy problems would be solved.


Miki Booth says she was led to "drop her congressional bid." Well, yeah, losing the election can have that effect.


There was a FreeRepublic thread on the "footy" image on the Fake Kenyan birth certificate. Someone found the image for sale at an online clip-art site, and the Freepers concluded that the site must have stolen it off of the fake Kenyan BC, and the certificate's creator, oops, I mean "Finder" should sue the clip art site.

The Magic M

> martial law due to the assassination of obama and his crowd

Ah, this obsession with martial law - very common among the wingnuts. Some have stated for decades that it would be declared "any day now", others have realized the sillyness of that claim and replaced it with an even sillier claim "we are already living under martial law for 100+ years" (of course nobody has noticed, but isn't a prison without walls and guards and where you can go where you want, still a prison? ;)).

> And, Barack Obama’s UTTER FAILURE to address the needs of black people all over this country

It's really getting ugly when white racists claim to know "the needs of black people". It's like asking the wolf what is best for the sheep.

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