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May 13, 2011


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Lakin originally was going to wear his superhero blue falcon tights, but the prison food caused some weight gain so he wore civilian clothes. On hand to greet our hero were 300,000 cheering troops, and as is typical of birther gatherings, they all came in one minivan. What a wonderful day, Laken celebrating his success at accomplishing nothing at all. What a hero.


LMAO! It just boggles the mind to realize how stupid ODS can make people...that they ALL are dumb enough to fall for any obvious parody that comes along without ANY CLUE that they've been intentionally PUNKED!


I swear, people this stupid and delusional are bound to end up as future candidates for the Darwin Awards at some point...


A quick bit of checking finds other satire by that writer

I'm always amazed by people who can spend hours upon hours poring over and analyzing images of documents, but can't be bothered to make a couple of mouse clicks to confirm whether something is a parody.


Add "Gateway Pundit" to the list of people who fell for the San Diego Reader "Almost Factual News" parody.

I saw Gateway Pundit's post about the SDR article this morning, and this evening it has simply disappeared. No apology, no "Updated" add-on ... it's gone like it was never there.

"Greg Goss says: Friday, May 13, 2011 at 11:11 AM Sounds like the brother of this little girl could use a few bucks. Maybe he could be contacted and asked how much he would like to go to the DoH and obtain the records that he would have a tangible interest in. I am willing to make a pledge to that effort. I would also be willing to either fly out there myself or fly this researcher out there on my dime."

Are you paying attention, Lucas? Orly was to much of a tightwad to fund your Hawaiian vacation, but here comes another sucker.


Sharon Rondeau has failed to do even the basic amount of fact checking . . .

According to Harpy, it's the most important subject EVER! with far-reaching, momentous implications but she can't be bothered with a few simple, basic checks that might take 10-20 seconds.


Something seems very fishy about this .. Ed Hale of plains radio is now an Obama supporter?

Hell freezing over?

Something seems very fishy about this .. Ed Hale of plains radio is now an Obama supporter?
It only means that the Floyd Brown rat-f*cking crew have stopped funding him because he was so ineffective.
Mr Sharky

There really are not many hard core birthers. The group of 35 or so that showed up for the Lakin reception included at least 20 that we have seen before. I think the record size for a birther gathering is still held by Berg, who might have had as many as 70, although some of those were probably tourists who were gawking at the Captain America guy holding the flag.

Here's a challenge to birthers: Down the street from me (not in a big town) some people had a "flash mob" that gathered 300 people in 15 minutes. A burger joint opened with a crowd of 1200. Let's challenge the birthers to get into the 3 figures. I challenge them to get more than 99 real birthers in one place at one time, anywhere, anytime. I don't think they can do it.

The Magic M

> people who can spend hours upon hours poring over and analyzing images of documents

Birfers don't do that; their scam artists are doing it for them and they simply buy whatever they're being told.

Like the amazing 180 degree spin of Butterdezillion who even admits she went from "lack of raised seal proves it's a fake" to "presence of raised seal proves it's a fake".


"Let's challenge the birthers to get into the 3 figures. I challenge them to get more than 99 real birthers in one place at one time, anywhere, anytime. I don't think they can do it."

99 boneheaded birthers on a wall, 99 boneheaded birthers. Knock one down, kick them around...98 boneheaded birthers on the wall...



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