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May 18, 2011


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good gravy

I haven't seen anyone yet debunk the SS number myth that Obama is using the SS number of some French dude. What do you know about it.

"An investigation has revealed the identity of the man whose Social Security number (SSN) has been illegally used by Obama: Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in France in 1890, immigrated to the United States in 1924, and was assigned SSN 042-68-4425"

I guess he died in Hawaii.

Some Other Patrick

SS numbers are reused all the time. Typically after someone *dies* and when an infant needs one. In 1961 infants typically weren't issued one at birth, unless they needed eligibility for Social Security benefits. Some kids wouldn't have gotten one until 5-6 years of age. Now days, getting an SS # is practically the first thing they do after giving a birth certificate...

SS numbers are like IP addresses, only longer lived. Eventually they will all be reused. Someone in the year 2100 will be born, and be issued the social security # you are using RIGHT NOW. Or that might happen in 2040. Amazing things, that.


I'm sure they'll all have a good laugh at the health department in Hawaii from that letter. Birthers are dumber than a box of rocks.


SS Numbers are not reassigned after a person dies - at least that is what the Social Security Website says on Q20.

Considering the source of good gravy's information, it was most likely pulled out of someone's ass.


The Obama Campaign's letter and Mug & T-Shirt idea is brilliant! Good for them. I think I'll order a set for my wife as a birthday gift.


I didn't get an SSN until I was 12, and I'm a year to the day older than the President.


"World Nut Daily, like most birthers, really honestly don't seem to understand when they're being made fun of."

birfers are morons. wnd and their ilk, however, prey on morons and they fully understand when their livelihood is being threatened. in order to keep the scam going, they need to come down hard on anyone and everyone who would dare to tear away the veil, especially anyone in the msm. farah's threats are just another example of right wing fauxrage -- standard operating procedure for working the refs. it doesn't matter if joey doesn't have a case; it's all about scaring off any kind of scrutiny.


Excellent debunking of the Social Security fraud nonsense:

Jean Paul Ludwig SS Number was 045-26-8722
Obama's is (was) 042-68-4425. Somehow birthers think that the two numbers are the same.

You can confirm Ludwig's by entering his last name and number into the Social Security Death Index Database:

This is one of the most baseless birther claims, based on nothing more than wild guesses and an inability to understand how public databases work.

BTW- all indications are that Obama was issued a new SS number in the last couple of years, after Orly started spreading it everywhere in violation of California law. The one above is the one he was issued as a teenager, and he used it on his selective service application, his tax returns, etc. It is the ONLY number which he is verified as having used.


I've said this before, but it bears periodic repetition: WTF is taking the California Bar so long to do something about Orly Taitz?

The Magic M

> This report is playing havoc with a bestselling book

So thanks to this nice piece of satire, the birfers now have an excuse why the book is a miserable failure. How convenient!

> Somehow birthers think that the two numbers are the same.

That's what happens if you play telephone - all the birthers have are distorted allegations dressed up as facts and repeated ad nauseam as if they were actually verified.
Some birther posts a theory, another reposts it with some parts missing and some parts added, yet another takes the repost and calls it "fact", and from there it's rolling on its own.

מרפאות שיניים מומלצות בישראל

Awesome post. It saws that women who give birth to respond with complete and total failure to understand.

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