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May 02, 2011


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I think you may have drop the "Meanwhile Joseph Farah admits it was never about the birth certificate in the first place." portion of this article.

Outside of that great post as usual.


Please post this I can't wait read what he has to say.


Never mind I see it now. It's the CNN interview.


I love birthers...the birth certificate is a forgery, but proves who his father is; much like how his Indonesian school record proves he was adopted, but doesn't prove his birth in Hawaii. They happily pick and choose what parts of every document, court case, historical record, or anything else supports their point of view, and calls only the OTHER parts fake or inconclusive.

(My favorite part being how they slice and dice Minor v Happerset and Wong Kim Ark to justify their two parent theory, acting as if the rest of the opinion never happened).

Mr. Mojo

To those who fight for the liberal or conservative "cause"

Individualism must not exist to you. Nope ; we're all just cogs in a machine ... We are confined to the classification of "liberal" or "conservative" .. If we happen to agree with anything people have defined as belonging to either category , according to you we must agree with everything else that other people have pre-determined for us.
We are responsible for the actions and behavior of everyone else who happen to share the same opinion we've personally come to. So much for personal responsibility, huh?

When do we (humanity) let go of this primitive and unnatural classification system we've shackled ourselves to? Let's truly let personal responsibility and individualism take it's place.

Mr. Mojo

I understand our tendency to lean toward one cause or the other ...but to totally attach ourselves to either "side" is tribal in nature and is the root cause of why we have such a dangerous divide in America.

The Magic M

> By "doctored" she means "reality contradicting Fitzpatrick's claims again"

Even worse a case of nuttery;
she can only point to line breaks and spacings being different in a few places between a transcript she ordered and the version Fogbow got.
In her warped mind, these differences mean "doctoring".

Just like they claim the LFBC is not an LFBC because the certification text is different from the much older Nordyke ones.

Their belief in "magic words" and now even "magic page spacings" is astounding. Anything to deny the undeniable.


Mr. Mojo - Well said. I agree with you!

Mr. Mojo

Thank you ... Wasn't really directing that at anyone in particular here; Just thought I'd throw it out there.

Mr. Mojo

Gotta love how G.O.P. talking heads are trying to give Bush credit for Bin Laden being killed -- despite the fact that toward the end of his presidency Bush went on record saying Bin Laden was not a priority. They also try to paint democrats as being against the war on terror -- That's dishonest considering the fact that we mostly supported Bush going into Afghanistan and that Bush's ratings only starting to dramatically fall when he took his eye off the ball and started focusing on Iraq.

Also , isn't it absolutely hypocritical and ironic that whenever a democrat points out a failure of the Bush administration that we're still being affected by - that the GOP screams at us saying BUSH ISN'T PRESIDENT ANY MORE!

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