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May 31, 2011


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"Creat a seperate state for all the Homosexuals and Lesbians along with the liberal teachers and send them there. Lybia, Syria, Sudan sound like good candidates. I could keep this person very busy."

I suggest he get a spelling lesson from one of those homosexual lesbian liberal teachers, before he deports them all.


Several of these nuts are going to cross the line and try to cause harm at some point. Let's just hope that the proper authorities and the Secret Service are up to monitoring these crazies adequately.


I'd rather live with the Homosexuals and Lesbians and liberal teachers than these terrifying bigots.


I'm coming more and more to believe that "One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet" isn't what he seems to be. His shtick makes me think of Hal Turner, who mouthed similar anti-government agitprop, and who turned out to be - surprise, surprise - an FBI informant. I wouldn't be one bit surprised if OPVV is also playing both sides.

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