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June 30, 2011


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Sellin may be having some sort of a breakdown, but shame on Dean Haskins (aka Vattel on birther blogs). He knows better, yet he lies to incite others and his lies got him kicked off the Fogbow when he made up quotes by Foggy.


Woah. Thank you for taking the time to research, document and present this, disturbing and sad as it is to see. Definitely a slow breakdown and descent into madness, due to a never-ending circular feedback loop of him creating bogeymen for his anger, resentments, fears and disappointments.

Unfortunately, like an eventual Sith Lord, his methods provide not a needed outlet for him to vent, but instead become like a drug, fueling an increasingly obsessive need to keep stoking and inflaming himself.

He's fallen into his own anger black hole trap and has crossed the Event Horizon into madness.

I'm most concerned about the incitement he can stoke in others...along with the increasing likliness that he will become a danger to himself and others.

Sadly, we're going to see a lot more of this vile craziness over the next 2 years...


Funny how someone who isn't even living on this continent has all the answers to our problems.

Talk about an armchair quarterback. :o

I agree he sounds like he's having a meltdown; while I don't disagree about the situation he faced while in Afghanistan (I contracted with the military for years and saw lots of waste and abuse), he went about it the wrong way and paid the price.

Smart people (e.g., PhD) aren't necessarily smart.

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