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June 16, 2011


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I'm sure glad FitzPatrick included "Eagle Scout 1969" in his signature. It just makes him seem just that little bit more crazy.


The P&E is swirling round and round and round and . . . soon, it too will go ☟down, never to return.


The birthers are sure getting crankier and frothier in their hissy fits, aren't they?

It is perhaps, sadly inevitable that some more will snap and cross the line, either alone or in small groups.

I remain confident that any that try will be held accountable for their actions and that the most important thing we can all do is remain vigilant and resilient against them and report any potential dangers to the proper authorities.


My only objection to the article is the following :"Because, based on past birther events, you might find a better venue at a Motel 6 or Holiday Inn."
I attended a large wedding reception at a Holiday Inn, these kooks could not even fill the stage. lol


Admiral Fitzgibbons has always reminded me of the old comic strip by David Lynch: The Angriest Dog in the World.

"The dog who is so angry he cannot move. He cannot eat. He cannot sleep. He can just barely growl. Bound so tightly with tension and anger, he approaches the state of rigor mortis."



What they pulled on Foggy, whose posts I have read over on JREF, is too far. While for the most part I think that the birthers are funny...I worry about when personal details of debunkers get known. I don't expose anonymous birthers, and for them to write in a threatening manner really bothers me. Even if only 1 in 1000 will make true on their threats...that is still 1 that will harm someone.

I am remind of the case of Alan Berg who had numerous callers who threatened him, and one who finally did something. Which is why I am posting to simply remind all of us who are having our personal details broadcasted to be safe out there. Nothing wrong with being a little paranoid if it keeps you safe. Not saying to arm yourself, but always keep in check of your surroundings.

The Magic M

> then you must also have the authority to rescind that “Oath of Office.”

I wonder if he got that idea from the guy over at WND who called for the states to "decertify their electoral college votes".

They must really be desperate if they're in *such* ignorance of the law. I mean, this is crazy even by birthers standards.

The guy administering the oath of office "rescinds" it and the President is no longer President?
The state of Florida turns Democrat 1 year after "Gore vs. Bush", "decertifies" its electoral college votes and Gore becomes President?

Well, at least those are some crackpot theories that actually make you laugh. :-)


WND went after Rikker also...after pissing him off by suggesting he was the Tonto to PJ's Lone Ranger - the Robin to PJ's Batman, Billy to PJ's Captain America...oh yes, Rikker for anyone who wonders is (shhhhh) a Black guy.

You know, the Black guy is always the sidekick and not the leader.

This fits into the WASP mindset of the WND.

They have no clue what they hath wrought.. :)


Oops PJ - Make that Foggy....ooopsie....



That should have been Bucky to Captain America.

OK, I'm done being a geek for today.


Spare me the "ooohhh scary old white people" nonsense. "everyone be vigil of grandpa dude".

Puuullease. Yea, 1 in 10,000 might do something. But that 1 in 10,000 will do something no matter what. If it wasn't this excuse they would find some other excuse. Stuff happens. So what are you gonna do? Cower and hide? Grow eyes on the back of your head?

Pulllease! Live your life. It's just too short to worry about these kooks. There will always be kooks. It's just a fact of life. Maybe you should get one and move on with it!


Here's an interesting exchange with Larry Sinclair on the WND forums ... Am I being too hard on him?

Larry Sinclair,
It's widely known that you have a criminal (felony) history of fraud. So does Rev. James Manning and several other birthers who start rumors about the president. Why is it that so many birthers are felons (involving crimes of DECEPTION) and why do so many other birthers take your word for it on the rumors you start?

Larry, It's a fair question. I know you say you're "a changed man"... I have a clean record and have never had it my heart to use and abuse people like you guys have. None of my friends or family have a record or are capable of the kind of things you've done. The fact is, you have been a "con man" for a large part of your life and spent a good amount of time in prison. You are CAPABLE of these malicious crimes of deception and fraud when most people aren't. People need to be made aware of the type of people who actually started many of the rumors about the president that are now passed around like they're the gospel truth by birthers.

Larry Sinclair replies
"Larry Sinclair · Regis University
First adamsolympia, I am not a "Birther" and have repeatedly made that clear. Second my past is forgery and theft. I have never tried to hide my past. You and those like you however have repeatedly posted claims that you yourself copied by others. My entire life time I have never been a "con man" as you claim, none of my charges have even the word "Fraud" in them. You like your friend continue to claim me to be a "con man" yet none of you can produce a single "con" you allege me to have performed, and you know why you can't, because there are NONE.

Maybe you should get your facts correct rather than simply repeating fabricated claims by the likes of Ben Smith and your "internet warrior friends."

to which I reply:
Well Duh, Larry. Forgery and theft are a form of FRAUD . (As in, crimes of deception) Thanks for helping me clear that up about you.

You're trying to con people into thinking "Forgery and theft" is not a fraudulent thing! You still have it in you... That's my point: You are the type of people who started the rumors about Obama that birthers gladly repeat without question to this day. They need to understand the type of person these types of rumors originated. I wish Lucas Smith, Rev James Manning and the other FELONS who started rumors about the president would post here as well, so we can clear this up. It's about credibility -- birthers have none.


Looks like Larry deleted all of his replies to me ... I guess he doesn't like being exposed. Probably realized he was exposing himself.


adamsolympia (signed in using Yahoo)
By the way, your whole act of deleting your replies when you realized you were being exposed just goes to show - you AREN'T a changed man. You are the same deceptive fraud you have always been.


Dropped like the fly he is ...

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