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June 17, 2011


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The folks at Dr. K(H)ate's are planning a million man march on Washington DC. That will happen just as soon as Kate finds 999,997 more birthers than showed up at her last rally.


Wow, they just keep getting more openly "threaty" don't they?


Funny how World Nut Daily labels people who support the U.S. President as "extremist". I reserve that tag for people who would overthrow our government.

I got a kick out of Bishop Ronald Turncoat:
"The "Pledge of Allegiance" will be said in every school, the "National Anthem" will be played at the beginning and at the end of every radio and TV station"

I can picture him madly tweaking and twisting the rabbit ears on his 13" B&W Zenith wondering why no channels come in anymore...


It's telling how it's all about coups now in birther world. They are obviously worried the American people are going to give Obama 4 more years and if there's one thing they hate more than Obama it's democracy.


Well at least Birther Report picked a good picture...


I notice that since the P&E comments closed, the some of the same people are commenting on Gatewaypundit about the birth certificate ❝issue❞ on threads not about the president's eligibility. It's a form of OCD. They can't stop themselves.

And look at this comment:

❝#9 June 18, 2011 at 8:45 am
Txn4ever commented:

The ONLY way to convert a radical socialist is with a bullet between the eyes. 100% efferctive.❞


The Magic M

Actually, Bob, the calls for open violence have become stronger and more supported by the cesspools. Over at WND, quite a few have openly stated "only a dead commie is a good commie and we should start turning them all into good commies now" - including that "Bishop Ronald Turncoat" who preaches a lot of unChristian violence...


You are correct. The increase in threatening vitriol is both disturbing and sadly, predictable for this hate-based unstable mindset.

Fortunately, most of these folks will never be more than keyboard commandoes, giving voice to their hollow tantrums by pretending they are tough.

...However, amongst any population of unstable people, there are always those that will reach a snapping point where they feel that they have no other avenue but to act upon their fetid fetishes... and they can "inspire" (to a limited extent) a certain amount of copycat behavior...


Patrick, if things have been slow, you might want to discuss the reemergence of what, in my opinion, is the most disgusting and disgraceful of the birther memes. Seems that Dr. Kate's followers are again claiming that the shooting of Rep. Giffords was actually an Obama-planned assassination of Judge Roll, because he was about to issue a ruling against Obama. The fact that no such ruling, or even case, existed matters not at all to these people.


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