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June 28, 2011


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Greg Brown

I just love your crack about the "101st Fighting Keyboards." I think most of these people would crap their pants if the FBI or the Secret Service came knocking at their doors.

Greg Brown

"When your congressmen and women return home during the July 4th recess, make it a point to stop by their offices. Find out where they are appearing and raise these issues with them. Make them uncomfortable, make them sweat, make them call for an independent prosecutor to investigate our putative POTUS." ... Make them call security to have you removed from the building.


"101st Fighting Keyboards." FTW!

Kudos for coming up with that apropo description of these seditionist fantasy-fetish turds.

Gary Miller

Polarik never disappoints - glad to see he's still in the birther game. Hope he teams up with butterdezillion for a world tour of batshit birtherism.

We need leaders and planners to work out strategies.

The birthers have been around for over 2 years and it just occurs to them they should get organized and have a plan?


The birthers have been around for over 2 years and it just occurs to them they should get organized and have a plan?

They did what a lot of crazies do: assumed that the moment they spoke up the rest of the world would see the obvious truth of their claims and just instantly completely agree with them and support them. The world didn't, though, and the birthers are scrambling to try and cope with the (to them) impossible. And not doing a very good job of it.

That Other Mike

Hey, Patrick - do you ever track anything done by jbjd? He's slightly more articulate than most birthers, and is a pseudo-PUMA to boot.


Lakin is appealing his conviction, yet his foundation is still birtherin'. I hope this is pointed out to the proper authorities.


actually, "101st fighting keyboarders" was spawned all the way back to may 2004, from koufax blog award winner tbogg, when all anyone could talk about was iraq,


Yeah, I just too found out that the term has been in use for awhile:

Still a great term and one I'll start using from now on. A lot of other good one's referenced at that link too.


How about the 101st Chairborne?


Shay - Good one!

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