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July 13, 2011


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Gary Miller

The only fraudster is this Dean idiot.


There is no better entertainment than the birthers. I expect they'll be amusing us with their antics until 2016.


What -- JB Williams is still around? It's been so long since the last time he pimped one of his own artcles on Free Republic, I thought he'd given up being a no-holds-barred political fantasist and gone back to his former life as a father, businessman and flag-molester.

The Magic M

> I expect they'll be amusing us with their antics until 2016.

You really think it'll be over by then?
Then you probably also believe no-one believes in "end of the world" prophecies after the first ones failed? ;)

If Obama gets a second term and is succeeded by a Democrat candidate, be certain the birthers will try to discredit the latter by somehow tieing his presidency to Obamas - such as "whoever follows a usurper is not a valid President until...".

Or expect the same if a non-white Republican candidate (such as Rubio or Jindal) should follow Obama - after all, birthers have declared them ineligible as well.

And quite a few of them will still try to focus on Obama long after 2016, if only to foster their hatred of an "illegal government".

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