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July 20, 2011


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JJ O'Shaughnessy

"Wahhh! The scary black man might win the election!!"

Shouldn't that be

"Wahhh! The scary black man might win the election AGAIN!!"

Greg Brown

That there Leonard McCauley is a regular swine.


Looks like the birthers have thrown away the racist dog whistles and just brought out the dogs themselves. They are truly vile individuals.


Ah, "Waiting and organizing"...the Birther Keyboard Commando fantasy phrase which translates merely into sitting on their duff, reading birther blog sites and hoping someone "else" takes "action" for them...

Thankfully, most of these hatemongering dufuses are barely capable of leaving their chair, much less get anything done. It is the "lone wolf" nuts that they desperately wish to inspire that concern me...

Dr. Conspiracy

Haskins has added to the Birther Summit list. The only name I recognized was Neil Sankey.


Sellin's attempt to claim the flag as their symbol is brilliant. Now, any time they can show anyone flying, wearing or otherwise displaying the flag, they can claim that person or organization is supporting them.

So we've gotta think fast here. I propose that we make our symbol...the nose. Anyone walking around with a nose on their face is obviously someone who knows the birthers are liars and idiots.

Thomas Brown

"...someone who 'nose' the birthers are liars..."?

Well played.

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