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July 21, 2011


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My bet is that "One Pissed on Vietnam Vet" (intentional on instead of off) also likes to sing Frosty the Snow Man at Christmas time. And he probably doesn't realize that the song espouses a pagan belief in magic.

The lunacy continues...


Being a bit of an Anglophile, I have a feeling that the Vietnam Vet is quite pissed...

Anyway, the fact that's he's into Fitna doesn't surprise me the least, considering his outbursts so far.

As for his hysterical belief in Christmas, someone ought to point out that it came about from the old pagan traditions of celebrating the winter solstice.


I'm hoping someone introduces "One Pissed on Vietnam Vet" to

Just as the poster claiming to be a veteran known as "Retired Intelligence Officer" was shown to be a Stolen Valor liar, I'm betting that "One Pissed on Vietnam Vet" is also lying about his military service.

Remember- they are birthers. Lying is what they do.


"One Pissed on Vietnam Vet" is angling to be the next James Von Brunn. Another cranky, crusty old fart bigot on a rampage...

Lame Cherry is just as diseased as always, but letting it's racist freak flag fly even more freely than normal these days...


I hope someone is planning on making a documentary about the Birther Summit.

Grey-est Gardens.

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