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July 26, 2011


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Yes, Sanctions Baby, then the California Bar...


(This is a rhetorical question)

Why are the birthers so juvenile? Seriously, they all remind me of young adolescents playing grownup's games.


Is it my imagination, or does this have "please sanction my happy ass" written all over it??

MMMMMM, Could Be....

I can image that Mr. Taitz should be considering some legal options at this time. It's his money, now it it up to him to keep it.


I swallowed my tongue watching that video.....good thing I type 80 wpm. oofa.


Yes she is that stupid.


Orly just doesn't get it at all. It's the court rules that dictate that social security numbers only show the last 4 numbers. It doesn't matter if the number is legitimate or not.

She needs to be sanctioned big time. Not some light sanction, either. It'll have to be a lot greater than 20 grand.

She is going to continue to abuse the courts for her political agenda. They need to put a stop to it by requiring her to ask permission to file a lawsuit from now on.

Monkey Boy

Ummm. If the number is not a legitimate SS#, how could it be assigned to somebody born in 1890?


Shame on you, Monkey Boy. You obviously possess rudimentary critical thinking skills which means YOU MUST BE AN OBOT!


Way past time for the courts to stop treating Orly with kids gloves...heavy sanctions would just be the tip of the iceberg of what is long overdue to her for her gross incompetence and entirely insane actions of frivolous filings and outrageous statements. Bring back the mental wards and straightjacket that nut, stat!

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