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July 11, 2011


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Can anyone tell me what exactly is the difference between CanadaFreePress writer Lawrence Sellin and American-born al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn?

Both spew sedition, lies, and call for armed insurrection against the U.S. Government & President while cowardly staying safely away in a foreign country.

Both cheer for the downfall of America and use their words in press releases and online articles to try and inspire "lone wolves" to action.

Why does only one have a Predator drone looking for him?


Birthers are as anti-American as they come.


Donovan McNabb: excellent black quarterback, much to Rush Limbaugh's chagrin.

The Magic M

> Rather mono-chromatic jury....

Obviously not a birther jury but taken from here:

The second image on Google if you're searching for "jury". Probably a copyright violation to boot.

Reminds me of the image WND took off Google for one of their articles - the US state seal with the misspelled "E pluribus unum" (spelling it "unim"), also the second hit on Google.


@Katahdin - the reason why Rush isn't the co-owner of the St. Louis NFL team is because the players basically called him out on his racism and his lies. The Donovan McNabb comment was a prime reason.

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