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August 18, 2011


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June bug

Great job as always, Pat! Hope the Internet and your eye are doing fine.


A few of my Facebook friends have posted that 256 million people joke. I just ignore it. The most frustrating thing in the world to me is debating politics with these people.
Some of them I'm quite friendly with away from facebook and I have have intelligent conversations with them about just about anything else.


Both Dyer and Moran are intentional accidents waiting to happen with delusions of grandeur and martyrdom.

Between Moran invoking God as often as Giuliani invokes 9-11, trying to pretend that he's AWOL to gain fame and his delusional view of Obama as his "personal enemy" that somehow directly "owes" him anything...

And Dyer writing that letter, trying to portray himself as a "victim", when evidence suspiciously points to him plotting the whole fire thing with his girlfriend in advance all along...

...Yeah... they are both looking to go out in a blaze of glory and martyrdom... this is not going to end well...

The Magic M

"a host of citizen forensic-experts"

Now that was funny. Kinda sounds like how you talk about your 5-year-olds playing bank clerks. ;)


the Birther movement as an evolving political dynamic . . .

Opposable thumbs are just around the corner.


Rootin' tootin' Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio has gone birther, opening up an investigation into Obama's birth certificate. Coincidentally, he's being sued by the Justice Department.

May the 4th Patriot

Where's the fork?

We knew that amateur G-Man Carl would not be bringing anything so dangerous as a farm implement. He wants OTHER people to get in trouble with weapons, not himself.

But you would think somebody would have at least brought a cardboard pitchfork or something.

These people are just so forkless on so many levels.


The family member Dyer is accused of raping is his own seven year old daughter.

Sharon's Cat

It is now official. A lot of us have been pulling for her for a long time, but this weekend, Sharon Rondeau has grabbed the title to become "The Stupidist Woman in the World".

Her site is infected with one of those common re-direct viruses. (Exactly the same one that Orly Taitz keeps spreading, as I recall.)

One of her readers sent her the exact cause of the problem, and she posted his text, but her reading comprehension is so low that she can't even read what she posts. In a perfect illustration of the working of the paranoid, fact allergic mind, she pins the whole thing on Google, even stating in the headline "OTHER SEARCH ENGINES HAVE NO PROBLEM". If she actually had enough brain cells to read her own article she would see that she describes the problem as happening on "ASK" also.

So she is off to the lawyer on Monday. You might wonder what sort of technically and legally challenged shyster would agree to draw up a frivolous and meritless suit against a company that has nothing to do with it.

I'm betting there won't actually be a lawyer. So far, despite hosting "legal defense funds", Sharon and her cohorts (such as Cordwood) have never spent even one penny on a real lawyer. (If a real lawyer is someone who is qualified and entitled to practice law in the geographical location.)

Cordwood would be infinitely better off if a few bucks from his legal fund had actually gone to a real lawyer licenced to practice law in his area, but he wouldn't contact one, because "they are all corrupt". I suspect that all the actual, practicing lawyers in Sharon's area are corrupt also.


"I suspect that all the actual, practicing lawyers in Sharon's area are corrupt also."

"corrupt" = won't tell me what i wanna hear ... wahh!

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