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August 24, 2011


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The judge in Liberi v. Taitz did not waste time denying her gambit:

The whole political dissident thing did not go over well with him, nor did her attempt to argue that he should not have given OTI the relief she requested.

The Magic M

> With all of that, it's no wonder Dr. Kate likes him. He's pretty much a white nationalist with a questionable claim to Native American ancestry.

Yup, them white racists love themselves a non-white racist person - either on their side, as if they actually believe "if a non-white guy says it, it can't be racism", or on the other side as if that somehow justified their own racism.

Similar to my country where the Neonazis parade around those few extremist Jews who agree with them - "hey, we can't be Nazis, look, a Jew is on our side".

The Magic M

> And based on the comments, the de Vattel worshippers are out in full force.

And in another expected move, WND spins "media reporting on anti-Rubio birthers" as "media investigate Rubio eligiblity but not Obama's"...

I tell you some days I feel like I never want to see another birther talking point again. Some of their propagandists would've put Stalinism to shame.


Good old Walter, always there for a laugh when we need it.

I read the fascinating description of everyone he tried to call with his "violation of the law." Honestly, how can anyone read that and not know they are dealing with a crank. Walt is mentally ill, either from something organic or simply willful delusion repeatedly reinforced over the years.

Here's a clue about Stalinist Russia. They did a lot worse things than not let you take your recorder into the court room. And when they did them, not only were you not allowed to call anyone, but there was no one to call.


Northland10 - Thanks for that link of the Judge's concise dismissal of Orly.

The final paragraph was key:

"The Court is continually frustrated by the extraneous information that OTI and otherparties include in their requests for leave to file. For example, in this request, the Courtfails to see how it is relevant that Orly Taitz has purportedly not filed any lawsuits againstthe plaintiffs here. The Court also fails to see how Taitz’s crusade against PresidentBarack Obama has any relevance to this request.

The Court may impose sanctions forextraneous arguments and statements in future requests, including references toPresident Obama, who appears to have no direct relationship to the August 23request."

I particularly love how the judge's order bolds that last part about threatening sanctions.


Patrick, I agree with your assessment of Mr. Moran that "I think Moran is upset he didn't become the Lakin-like martyr he wanted to be."

Combine that and the rest of his seditious screed and I agree he is one that the authorities definitely need to keep a close eye on. This is definitely a mentally disturbed and dangerous individual with a perceived enemies list and martyr complex. He seems very likely to try to physically harm or assassinate people. I have a very bad feeling about him...

Re: Badeagle - thanks for the report and links. Yeah, seems like he's a phoney and not even Native American at all. He's definitely one of the more open white-nationalist racits making noise of late. What a pathetic and disturbed individual.

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