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August 26, 2011


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Patrick. You might want to check your post. Search for the last sentence you have in this article "Is Arpaio the Birtherstani's great white hope??" Everything after that is duplicated.

Patrick McKinnion

DaveH - Fixed, thanks!!


Whew... I thought I was losing it. I was just thinking, "didn't I just read that."


That Risenhoover spiel was.. oh my..

A newfound respect for those who seek public office and have to deal with crap like that. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a rule that requires someone to read through the wall of text and then having to give an actual legal opinion on it, rather than chucking it in the bin where it belongs.


You know, the first part of Risenhoover's rant is so delightfully wacky that I was convinced he's a Poe. Darn, just another wild-eyed lunatic.

"Ah, "President" Turner and the secret cRAP masters are still around."

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) profiled Tim Turner and his RuSA in the latest Intelligence Report.


Wow... this latest report was just chock full of full-on mental illness on display in Birthistan.

Birtherism has become another good argument for re-instituionalizing the severely mentally ill.


I had to laugh at this:

He smugly said, “So you think the 19th amendment should be repealed, then? You think giving women the right to vote was a bad thing?”
Quoth I in retort,“Oh, HELL yes.”
Mr. Cowbama wasn’t expecting that!

because in the scripts these wackadoos write for themselves, their smug opponents are always taken by surprise.

Whereas in the real world, her questioner would reply "Yeah, that sounds right. You seem like the type."

That's why imaginary conversations are so much more satisfying than real ones!


I agree MaryRC. So true!


Who is Ann Barnhardt, and why in blazes should I listen to her incoherent ravings? Unlike her, I'm single, and I'm damned if I'm going to give up my franchise as proof that I'm female (as if the chromosomes didn't make that crystal clear!).

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