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August 01, 2011


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Wow...a total loon who gives his twin sons names with "PhD" in them! Now I've heard everything! Can the Birther Birfoonverse possibly get any wackier?


Enjoy some well deserved time off. I am hoping the weather will stay sunny in Seattle at least through the end of Sep (rightttttt)....

Patrick McKinnion

SueDB - Hey, a few more days and the people around Green Lake and at Gas Works Park might actually tan rather than burn! :-)

My family and I spent part of the day in Mukiteo. Was quite nice there. :-)


Make fun of Orly, Vogt and Irey's trip to Honolulu if you will. They may be loonies, but they'll be loonies in Hawaii, which doesn't suck.


Enjoy your vacation Patrick. You deserve it. If there's one place that I use to catch up on all the latest treason-fails in birfistan it's you. I hope you get some sun and fresh air away from the sewers of Dr. k(H)ate, Orly, Corsi and the like.

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I am hoping the weather will stay sunny in Seattle at least through the end of Shep..Interesting i enjoyed this ..keep sending like this good post..good blog..

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