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August 10, 2011


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(repeated from the previous thread)


If you are still stopped by reading "this trivial little page," kindly indulge me with my failure to grasp your logic.

If a certain SS# was issued to someone born in 1890, why doesn't the number show up on the death index?

You say that because the holder isn't dead? Then why isn't the IRS on his/her case for not reporting mega-income on a tax return? Why isn't there some press coverage of the birthday of a 121 year old? To my mind, he/she would be a member of a very elite group worthy of some attention, and possibly the oldest person alive in the US.

Forgive me, if I can't follow your superior logic, but could you make it simple for me.


I wonder if Dean would be kind enough to help me out?


(repeated from the previous thread)

Yup. Dean Haskins refused to answer my valid question.
He refuses to answer if he considers the page I posted as solid evidence, and if so, what would he consider acceptable for Powell to use to refute it.
His silence confirms that he considers the evidence Orly offered insufficient, so I am sure that he will be honest and refrain from using the claim (Obama is using a SS number issued to somebody born in 1890) in his future writings and interviews.
Because only a douchebag would do that.


Poor Corsi.
The worst part is, he KNOWS his career as author is finished. He thought that because he had so much success hoodwinking the public with his Swift-boat book, that he could sell anything to the gullible.

Unfortunately for him, he was a one-hit wonder, and his ill-timed latest book turned him into an easy punch-line.
The low sales guarantee that no reputable publisher will want his next collection of lies. Self-publishing is all his future holds.

Now that he is reduced to publicly harassing the employers of his critics in an effort to hurt them, it shows the whole world his true character and diminishing mental state.



Sorry, Joeymac, Dean's history is to run away from direct questions, with his fingers in his ears, doing the whole Lalalalala thing. Dude's a coward in addition to being a liar and an overweening ponce. Also, too, the stick up his but is rumored to have a stick up its' own butt.


It amazes me that birthers have never noticed that, while they are positive the President was not born in Hawaii, they not only don't have proof he was born anywhere else but don't even agree among themselves where they THINK he might have been born.

Plus, even among the largest group of birthers who think he was born in Kenya, they disagree on who his parents are, what his name really is, and both how and when he arrived in the U.S.


"Report User I have a copy of the birth certificate. I will post this soon and then corroborating evidence barrack actually flew into Hawaii at 5 months of age with his parents. You see I figured out how to prove this because I obtained logs of flights from what was."

Is Ed Hale back? Actually, I sense somebody pulling the birthers leg. Though, it is so hard to tell the difference between a birther and satire, I may be wrong. If they did get the Pan American passengers lists (it may be possible but I did not see them on for Hawaii), they may have Stanley flying into Hawaii. Those things happen when you go to school in Washington.

Though there are some on birther report doubting the story, many other comments remind me of Homer Simpson, "oh boy, oh boy, this is it..." We will soon see "Doh."

Dean C. Haskins

Obsolete, I answered your silly little question on the previous page.

Patty, what's a "birtherpoolza?"

ima lawyer

"documents and things" actually is a legal term of art.



Another silly little question. If the President is "using a number not assigned to him" whose number is he using, and what is your evidence?

How did he get a diplomatic passport (as a inconsequential Senator, not President) with somebody else's SS#?

How does he file income tax returns? We know that he does, because he released them.

So many questions are unresolved in constructing a coherent birther narrative.


I forgot to add: FOGBLOW!!!!

Patrick McKinnion

Zampolit Haskins - You know, your little shindig next March?? I can't really call it a "summit" because your original suggestion to a certain elected official had people from both sides meeting to discuss your claims. Somehow that morphed into a birther-only gathering.

And not just birther-only, the exclusion of birthers like Gary Kreep and Philip Berg, simply because they don't buy into the de Vattelist theory, has turned it into a Party gathering that's a garden of pure ideological thought, uncontaminated by doubleplus ungood non-de Vattle and doubleplus ungood non-Orly speak.

It's a "summit" in much the same way that Party gatherings in the former Soviet Union were "summits", where all attending believed and though the same and dissent was ignored or suppressed.

Dean C. Haskins

Hey Patty,

Notice the correct apostrophe usage:

Your pal,


Patrick McKinnion

Zampolit Haskins - You're really fixated on the apostrophe thing, aren't you?? So much so that you're ignoring the valid questions others have asked you and your "challenge" (check my last post if you're having problems finding them.)

Are you going to answer their questions?? Or yell "Fogblow" and run??

Dean C. Haskins

I don't answer to you, or your eight readers, Patty. You're not interested in the truth--only in obfuscating it for your Marxist messiah.

Patrick McKinnion

Zampolit Haskins - So the answer is "yell Fogblow and run" then. Ignore the valid questions people are asking you, just turn tail and run.

You know, the last person who called me a "marxist" got politely invited out for coffee and pistols at dawn. I'm kinda old fashioned that way.

As for "messiah", I've only seen people on the far right call Obama a "messiah". Funny thing that,

Oh, and my average page views a day is between 409 and 550. Hardly "eight readers", but so it goes.

Thank you for showing us your moral courage here. You didn't scream "fogblow" before you ran away, but run away you did. Exactly the same thing I've seen you do elsewhere - when confronted or asked for evidence to back up your claims, you bluster, bluster, blurt out a few ad hominem comments or insults, and then run away.

Tell me, is that how you plan to handle Colin Powell? Preach at him for three hours, get evasive or abusive when he asks for evidence to back your claims up, and then throw a few insults out at him, turn tail and run???

Because based on your usual pattern, that's exactly what I expect you to do when he starts to demand you back your claims up or presents solid evidence that backs up Obama. I fully expect you would get insulting, turn tail, and run.

It's easy to parrot the birther party line when you're in one of your echo chambers. But I find it rather odd that no birther seems able to survive debate long outside of those echo chambers.

Dean C. Haskins

As I previously stated, Patty, I come here occasionally for amusement--nothing else. I don't answer to anything here, as that is somewhat like discussing virtue in a crack house. You can strut your imaginary rhetorical "victories" at the fogblow all you want, as your posts there are as insignificant as your "articles" here are. But, again, you are good for an intermittent laugh.


Patrick, Patrick, Patrick...he won't answer because he can't. Besides, arguing with a birther (to use the old military saying) is like wrestling with a pig. You get muddy and the pig enjoys it.

Dean C. Haskins

It appears your readers have the same inability to understand that you do, Patty. Choosing not to cast pearls before swine is not the same thing as not being able to answer. But, obviously, the subversives here, like you, cannot understand the difference.

Patrick McKinnion

Haskins - Awfully thin-skinned, eh? Ad hominem attacks and insults does not a debate make.


Dean Haskins (who has never, ever made a typo and is therefore "not" a dolt) apparently answered my question by admitting that the evidence Orly uses in accusing Obama of using a SS number issued to someone else born in 1890 is deficient, as he says he doesn't make that claim himself. Fair enough.

But Dean Haskins then claimed tha Obama IS using a SS number not assigned to him. The evidence for that claim is equally deficient. It is based on another faulty attempt to use public databases, and I have been unable to repeat the results using several different databases. My theory is that the database Orly & Co. used is reporting Obama's number as "never been issued" due to Obama having a new, "clean" number issued after Orly plastered his number all over the Internet. Orly's associates even commuted identity fraud against Obama & accessed his selective service record (which lists him as having the "never been issued" number) and changed his mailing address. (Yes, birthers are committing felonies).

Dean Haskins should enjoy his moment of sun in the birther orbit. His demands of Vattelist purity will split the birthers and backfire on him, and when his "Summit" undoubtably crashes & burns, he will be the laughingstock he was destined to be.
I wonder if he has convinced his brother (the "successful" one in the family) to swallow some of his guano.

Disclaimer- I am typing this on tiny iPhone letters, so I hope Dean can find it in his heart to forgive any typos or weird "auto-corrects" that may occur. Here are a few extra apostrophes, in case they need to be placed differently:
If you need any more Dean, just ask.

Patrick McKinnion

Obsolete - If you're talking the brother of Haskins' that was in politics, my understanding is that he passed away some time ago. Therefore it's not really appropriate to bring him into this argument.

Your comments about the problems with the databases Daniels used though, is spot on.


So much for birfer "courage" under adversity. Deano likes to commit gutless drive-bys, but lacks the courage to stay and shoot it out.

Reminds of all the chicken hawks loudly crying "we have to fight them over there, or they will be in California next week" while wheedling deferments with anal cysts and fake bad knees.

Yes, Deano doesn't have the guts to defend his vile lies; so, that make him not only a foul liar, but also, a lily-livered vagina.


ps: Did you notice the oxford commas, Dina?


Aw, come back and play, Dina. I promise not to pull you dress up and expose your goodies.

Thomas Brown

Dean's brain atrophy is undoubtedly due to Tiny Member Syndrome.

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