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September 21, 2011


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and during the meeting, Miki asked about a purported letter from the White House to Kapiolani, and asked if the letter existed, if it was in a vault somewhere in the hospital, and if we could see it.

In a vault somewhere? It is just a congratulatory letter from the White House. It is probably dropped in some file cabinet somewhere. To any normal organization, it fulfilled it purpose during the 100th year.

Now, if Dean wanted to see it, he could go to the Kapiolani Foundation's website. You can see how well they hide it by having it in both the Centennial Magazine and one of the Inspire Magazine (still there as of 4 minutes ago). They obviously are covering it up in plain sight, knowing the birthers won't see it there.

No wonder the hospital won't respond. Who wants to deal with idiotic nuts who seem to think a simple congratulatory letter is some grand conspiracy, especially since it is the Foundation that used the letter.


Oh yes, and for Dean if he is listening... the hospital has far more important things to worry about than you. They probably think saving lives and healing people to be their purpose.


Birthers on Doc C's site always whine: "How come the White House won't confirm they sent the letter?" as they keep asking for confirmations of confirmations down to infinity.

And if the birthers are now looking for one, unified leader, they can't do any better than Pat Boone. He symbolizes everything they represent-
Washed-up "talents"

Of course, Dean Haskins will never except anyone but himself as the "Bürther Führer".


Stupid iPhone autocorrect.
(I only bothered to make the correction because otherwise I know Haskins will get his panties in a bunch.)


Wow...Moran really lives up to his namesake, doesn't he? Let's just refer to him as Moran the Moron from now on.

The problem with any parody site creating spoof documents is that they are dealing with conspiracy nuts, like the birthers - who are both stupid and disingenuous. Therefore, we'll see this fake parody CLN be pulled out as if it was real every few months by the Birtheristani Zombies as their latest ZOMG! moment... *sigh*...

Gary Miller

It's kinda cute how Dr. Polarik calls Dr. Corsi "Jerry" isn't it? Wonder if Corsi calls
Polarik "Ronny"?


re liddy photo:

patrick, do have any stock in brainbleach you should be disclosing ... ?

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